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If you told me a few years ago that I would be writing this now I would’ve called you, crazy! 


You may have seen or experienced the gifts and powers that some people have, some kind of spiritual power or energy, a strong connection to the beyond, whatever you want to call it

People from all around the world and from all believes and cultures they are called many names, mystics, saints, Fakirs, masters, sadhu, etc. with one thing in common, special gifts and abilities.

This is something that will open the door for you to be one of those people, the best thing about it is, you neither have to spend a lifetime of dedicated hard work nor you need to follow anyone.


If you are not familiar with who we are please read the about us page. Our center consists of seven masters (sheikhs) each is specialized in a specific aspect of this science and knowledge, with the youngest having over 20 years of experience, we (by the grace of God) became the number one center in the world in this field and by total agreement the best of the best.




Throughout the ages there were very few people in the world who could offer anything remotely similar to what we are offering here, this is not one man work but rather the combined teachings and knowledge of centuries passed down to the very best students and disciples, when those students become masters themselves and get together to share the best of their knowledge and experience in one offering this is what you get, the world’s most supreme light angelic invocation.


Since there is so much to be said about this, I will try to get directly to the point short and simple:


What is this?

This is an offer or a gift for the most supreme light (angelic) invocation any person can acquire by the help of someone else without dedicating a lifetime of hard work. while most invocations are done by one person, it is temporary, for one specific angel or saint, for a specific reason or need. This one is done by seven masters, it is permanent, for a multitude of angelic entities, and for all good purposes or needs in your life, this is the most diverse wide benefits service anywhere.   


How is it done?

The real science behind it is very complex and detailed, but in short, there are many powerful light angelic invocations and summoning in the world it’s called (Dawa) to master any you will need a lifetime, seven masters who each one of them has master a specific one meets together and put the best of their work in one invocation you will get an invocation that is so powerful and strong no single human can accomplish it alone.


What is our part? 

When you do an invocation or powerful summoning it’s not just about time, incense, candles, fasting and recitation, and strong mind and body. It is a lot of calculation; in our science we use letters and numbers based of old geometria so you have to calculate the first name of the person and their mother’s first name, then build their personal (Wafiq) or spiritual table, then In many cases check the year of birth or city of birth this is required sometimes to complete the equation, then you pick the names of the angels and the numbers of each one then you mix (multiply and divide) the first table you got for the persons name and the table you made with the angels names, then you extract the ultimate or what is called in our work the (secret) then you get the number of recitation from that ultimate by adding all the digits of the numbers to each other, then by moving each number to a letter you extract a key name called the (Isem al-Jafr) and by inserting this key in the right diagram you can simply invoke all the names you calculated and attach those name and entities to the person’s spiritual body. No need to say this is an extremely demanding, long, and complicated process that requires a supreme level of concentration and dedication. We will do all that you part is to accept and receive this energy and blessing.


How you can get this? 

This is the only service that we are offering with selective approval so (PLEASE DON’T ORDER THIS BEFORE CONTACTING US). If you do you will be automatically denied and look like someone how didn’t know what he or she is getting themselves into and this is definitely not the kind of people we want to offer this to, so please read everything, and I mean everything before you contact us.

If you are interested in this, do not get it. only if you really want this, feel attracted to this, totally trust our work and maters then contact us, other than that do not contact us about this specific service.

1- If you want this, contact us directly through our email:

2- mention that you are requesting approval for this service, provide your first name (if you have more than one name provide your birth name or the first name you were named), and your mother’s first name. (do not provide any other information or details) if we need something else, we will let you know.

3- we will check if you are approved for this, we will let you know in 24 hours if you are not approved which happens a lot you will also be informed in less than 24 hours. (Please do not take it personally or feel bad if you are not approved, not being approved doesn’t mean you are not worthy or not good as there are so many elements and factors in this, some people simply can’t take that much energy or carry that much power, some people will simply not have the capacity to control it, some will not be able to fully use it. it is our duty to make sure that you are able, willing, ready and best fit for this in all possible ways and manners and if you are not, we will let you know we have taken an auth of honestly so we will tell you the truth no matter what. This is our duty and we do take this very seriously and so should you.


4- if you are approved you will have 3 days, 72 hours to order (purchase the service) the total amount is 5000$, you don’t have to pay in full as you can pay 50% of the cost which is 2500$. We will start preparing the materials, the tools, and the required calculations, then in about 2 to 4 weeks, we will inform you when we are ready. Then you can make the second payment the other 50% which is 2500$ so we can start the final process. Here I need to mention few important things

( if you don’t have the funds or the full cost of the service please do no contact us and provide your name for approval as the calculation we do is neither simple nor easy and our time is very limited and we have hundreds of cases, emails, and duties so please be aware of that)

(we give you 3 days to make the full payment or 50% of the full payment, (full payment is 5000$, half the payment is 2500$) this is the maximum time we can offer after approval, many things in many people change after few days because we take a very strict and disciplined approach in what we do and how we do it we give 3 days, so please don’t wait after those 3 days if you do you will have to be checked and approved again and this will take more time and effort)

(the cost you are paying is symbolic it’s like a donation, it is a gift we are offering to you, please keep that in mind, it may sound a lot and to many people but in reality we are doing this for free, almost free because we have to pay some staff members, some bills, and buy materials. If we want to charge you for a private or personal consultation like what we do with many politicians, celebrities, leaders and businessmen it would be a start of 10k for one hour so the total cost of this whole service won’t even get you a 30 minutes phone call if you are paying us for our time, but we are simply trying our best to provide this power, gift, and knowledge to the world)

(if you have any scheduled trips, projects or specific tasks after about 2 to 4 weeks from the time of the approval let us know ahead of time, we will need you to have one full day off totally free from everything to simple concentrate and be able to acquire the full power and potency of this work. if you are very busy and don’t or can’t have a full day off please do not order this)

(this will require you to have one clean room it can be any room in your house, and we will send you one stick of special incense that you need to burn, you may be required to do something like a simple spiritual fasting like not drinking any alcohol for 3 days before the day of the invocation, or not eating pork 3 days before the invocation, or not eating any kind of meat before the 3 days from the invocation, this depends on your numbers and calculations we don’t know until we make the calculation so if you have any specific dietary requirements, if you are diabetic or have any special medical conditions requiring you to have or not have anything specific let us know)


5- we will require you to light the incense in a specific time we will be fully prepared before that we will do all the workweeks ahead you will receive all the results and benefits, this is permanent and no one can take it away from you.   



What exactly will we do? 

We will invoke the highest of the highest standing angels and light entities in one of the most powerful and hardest invocations in the world, the invocation will be done by our seven masters it will be done with your name and numbers and specifically to you this will include

1- The seven planetary ruling kings or semi-angelic beings (Rukyaiel of the sun, Gabriel of the moon, Samsamaiel of mars, Michael of mercury, Sarfayaeil of Jupiter, Anyaeil of Venus, Kasfayaeil of Saturn). they represent all outward earthy and life needs all daily demands, and the effects of planets on the people, their situations and circumstances.

2- The ruling angel in command of those high being’s angel Metatron, or what is known in our science as the holder of the great whip. Represent the control, ability, and stability over all those aspects of the daily life and all the needs where the needs are controlled by the person and not the opposite.

3- The 99 servants of the 99 names of God almighty. Representing all the aspects of life that manifested in this existence by the power of God, all the opposites and all the similarities making a person near perfect and fulfilled in every aspect of life.

4- The Angels of the spirit of the person or the higher guardian angels (as each person have a guardian or guiding angel or angels those are related to a higher hierarchy of angels) this will invoke the highest level of guardian and guiding angels connected to that person, this is like your highest being or your higher self sometimes you experience glimpse of this when it feels like everything is going your way and the world is smiling to you or when you simply do something without planning and then realize that what you have done saved you or greatly benefited you.  

5- The angels of the elements, fire, water, air wood, and metal, are specific natural entities that affects a big part of our internal workings and inward aspects like organs, emotions, needs, and body energy and health.

6- The angels of the hell or the destroyers they are called (Al Zabaneyah), they are 19 and their names are taken from the 99 names of God all mighty, specifically the names of power and fury, those are needed if any kind of evil attempt, work or intention against the person is attempted, no need to say this will make the person not only impenetrable from all angles, aspects, and sides, but impossible to be touch by any kind of evil entity, magic, evil eye or anything spiritual that can be harmful or offensive.

7- The ruling angel of the 19 angels of hell or the treasurer (Malik), so no bad things happen to people who simply annoy you or piss you off, and the effects are limited to real evil and bad work and intention rather harming other or being over aggressive or offensive, this to ensure that your karmic energy and higher self stays pure and clean.


No need to say that this has not been done before by anyone, it is not even thought to be possible until we have done it a few years ago and we have done it many times since then, mainly to very powerful and famous people around the world, we took an auth of keeping all our work and clients names and information confidential and this is unbreakable auth, if you knew the number of famous people, celebrities and leaders who use and order our service you will be astonished.



Can anything go wrong?

No, nothing can go wrong since all we are working with are light and angelic beings their main purpose of existence is to help, guide, protect and empower humans. They are bound by the very existence of their creation not to cause any kind of harm, damage, discomfort or pain to people.

Additionally we are invoking and not binding as those beings can not and will not be bound by anyone they can only be invoked by the grace and power of God, by people with very clean and pure intentions, by very complex and complicated process and ways, only to help and protect, in other words, we don’t order those beings nor do we control them they are the highest of the heavenly celestial order in the world and the only reason they are listening and helping is because of the spirit of God in each one of us and the good nature they have been created with. We just want to make that clear.


Finally, we have done this many times now, since a few years ago many of the people we have done this to become masters themselves, leaders, very successful people, and even a few celebrities. This is not to promote or say that by ordering this you will automatically be a master, leader or a celebrity, but you will definitely be a much better person than who you were the day before and your life will not be the same this is simply a very strong push forward and very potent kind of work we are providing to help others be their best selves and be able to get the maximum possibility of everything good in their life. We are not changing your life we are offering you the possibility and chance to change it yourself.



The results, what will you get? 

First I have to clarify that a big part of this depends on you, who you are as a person, and the way you are pursuing your life and the way you see the world, but still this will change you and it will change the essence of who you are as a person, one thing I can promise and that is you will not be the same person after this, you will be changed and you will be a new person a better person. With that been said keep in mind that we can’t, and we are not allowed to change people’s or their minds just because we want to so all this change is coming by yourself, not forced or pushed on you it is coming by your free choice and by your will starting from the time you are reading this to the point of sending your info, passing by the approval and following the rules and finally committing yourself to do this and paying for it, it is you whos making the effort and the will to change and that’s how the change is coming your way it’s not being forced or imposed on you. In other words, you are walking or running with people and we are offering you a fast car it’s totally up to you if you want to ride it, it is your choice.



Ok now the results: 

1- Forget about anything called magic, evil entities, evil eye, negative effects, demons, etc. I mean don’t even think about it because it will be impossible to be done intentionally or unintentionally to you after this. A real example of this is people spends many years trying to get a single (Khadoum) or servant and usually this servant is from Djin and not an angelic being (an angelic being is about 1000 times more powerful and potent than Djin) and this makes them feel very confident and secure that they can’t be harmed or affected by the unseen spiritual side, what you get here is like having your own angelic army protecting you non stop around the clock, it will be a joke for anyone to even think about doing something evil to you through magic or other spiritual ways.  

2- Expect change and fast change for the better in your life. Doesn’t matter if you have been in the same job for the last 30 years and you are fully contempt with it or you are about to close the deal of your life, expect change, fast change to the better in your life expected in an increasingly escalating way.    

3- Wisdom a large bulk of it, this is probably one of the most controversial things and yes it is a double edge sword, you will get wise very quickly and very deeply and I have to be very honest I can’t say that this is always a happy thing it is definitely a powerful and precious thing to have but be ready to realize that many thing you were chasing in your life where just a waste, your girlfriend or boyfriend that you tried to do everything for and sacrificed for because you thought you love them you just realized that you were needy and insecure and they don't seems that worthy anymore, the job you worked very hard to get and didn’t get and felt very bad and depressed wasn’t intended for you from the beginning and you wouldn’t be happy in it anyway, the people that you hated and they hated you were just immature and now you see their immaturity in life and you just feel sorry for them, the family member who did harm or bad to you were harmed themselves and were too weak and afraid to say or expose it, but now you have no fear or weakness so it doesn’t matter to you. Do you get the point!


4- you will touch people's lives and hearts and you will be remembered, this is probably one of the best things about this. It’s that the people you come in interaction with or meet will be touched by you, you will have tremendous effect and power on the people around you and anyone that comes in interaction with you people will see you differently and those who you used to ask and consult will probably ask you and consult you. we will humbly ask you to make sure that the effect you leave on people is beautiful and helpful and always related, supported and thankful to the good and beautiful side.

5- coincident will always be on your side. this is probably one of the weirdest things but yes you will notice this clearly as more coincidences will happen and it will usually lead to a good or great results in your life, when a coincident happens simply know that there is a very good thing for you behind it and trust your gut feeling and proceed, it won’t be long before you realize that universe is working for you.

6- you will not have to worry about poverty, and I don’t mean to go gamble your whole money and lose everything you have intentionally and then say I got poor, I mean your chances of success and increase of wealth and material gain will tremendously increase and this will almost always guarantee a happy and wealthy life in all aspects materialistic and spiritual.

7- people will like you more, people will be much more open to you and people will trust you, they will feel like they know you from somewhere or they would swear that they have seen you before even though they haven’t this because your energy will be very vibrant and strong they will feel attracted and attached to you without knowing it or knowing why.

8- those who want to harm you or cause you damage or loss will suffer greatly, if you work with many people who may not have the best intentions or thoughts toward you and unfortunately this is very common these days you will notice this clearly, starting from simply feeling bad, depressed and humiliated up to the possibility of having serious accidents or diseases this depends on their evil intentions the way they try to inflict harm or damage to you. The more evil they are the more severely they will be punished In other words, you don’t have to worry or think about your enemies, just being your enemies is bad enough for them.

9- your abilities, intuition, sensation, and energy will be much stronger and more accurate than any time in your life, it will probably be strong in a way that you will notice it after a very short time it will also we very accurate and guide you in the right and best path.

10- your fear is not the same, fear being one of the most prevention and obstacles to success and self-accomplishment will radically decrease or simply disappear, this doesn’t mean you will be reckless overnight but things you used to stress about or fear or simply avoid will not be that scary anymore. You will have a very high level of confidence and ability to do what most people can’t or won’t do.

11- you will feel younger, healthier, happier you will feel better Your overall well being will increase and you will feel both internally and externally better more secure more confident more comfortable with yourself and more satisfied with who you are.

12- the ability to know and understand things will increase, the mental capacity and power to analyze observe and learn and make the accurate right decision will greatly be increased and your overall mental ability will greatly enhanced.

13- everything we mentioned above is the general benefits that everyone will experience no matter of age, sex, ability or personality there are in many cases other benefits or what we call spirit gifts, that gets delivered to the person this totally depends on the person and their ability and if they are worthy of receiving it, but in most cases it happens and it can be a wide range of abilities and gifts including (super healing to self and others, ability to see or predict thing in the future, ability to see or know things from the past, ability to see or know peoples thoughts and feelings, ability to have super concentration or mental functionality, ability to have super senses like hearing, smelling and seeing, ability to sense and feel entities and places, ability to make an action or happening simply by concentrated thinking, with many other abilities and gifts) we will not be able to know if you will get any or not, or what you will get only the person themselves will know if they got any and which one they got and this is in way to show the person that they had this ability from the beginning we didn’t give you this it is only now you are more in touch an aligned with your spiritual side and higher self you can see it and use it.



Will you need to do anything from your side? 

We will do the calculation if you get the approval, we will do full empowerment and cleansing to you in addition to a distance healing to make sure that you are having the best possible start and you are having this on clean grounds. Then we will start the process of getting the material, getting your full spiritual diagrams and your date of birth diagrams if needed (not always needed), then we will prepare the incense and the tools to do the work. no need to say that everything we do it pure light angelic work. then we will inform you that we will start on the process then in a few weeks usually 3 to 4 weeks we will let you know when everything is ready and the final process in ready so you get ready, we will send you before that few items depending on what is needed usually one stick on incense and sometimes a wood prayer bead that you wear in your neck when taking the final steps of the initiation.



What will you feel? 

We will make sure that the whole process is done very smoothly and gently so you don’t feel any intense energies or any kind of discomfort or get tired, but yes you will feel this. It will be a powerful experience if you haven’t tried or done anything like this before. after it is done you may feel a little tired or sleepy this is very normal, you may also see a clear vision or dream about what happened this is also very common. In some rare cases, you may feel a slight tingling feeling or heaviness in your fingers or palms also normal.  



After it’s done what’s is next?

After it is done you will be all done, you will not need to carry, have or use any spiritual item, amulet, talisman or any kind of protection or empowerment item for the rest of your life. Actually in most cases your energy will be too high most if not all spiritual items will make you feel unconformable or unattracted to it because of the level of energy you have will be so high and pure it will not add anything to you it will simply be like a bicycle trying to race in a super cars race, you simply don’t need it. I know this may sound like bad news to many people since many of our clients and customers love our work and items and hold it very precious and dear to them but as you all know we can’t lie so this is the truth.



Before your order or contact this please read this:

1- this is a selective service we have the right to refuse anyone for any reason or no reason, if you are not approved please do not contact us regarding why or what needs to be done, we will not take or accept any amount of money no matter how much it is to change the fact that this is not for you.

2- we can only offer this for very few people every year, we can only do it to one or two people every month this is not something that is done by amateurs or people who are trying to learn all the people working here are top experts in their fields and they do this for living they have done it for decades and they are the best in what they do. So, if you have any kind of hesitation, uncertainty, or reluctance please don’t order this and do not contact us.  

3- if you are simply curious about the spiritual work and want to see I this is true or not or simply want to have a strange or powerful experience please do not order this, this is for someone who is very certain, sure and confident about what they want and about who we are and what we do and the way we do things if you are just nosy or curious this is not for you.  

4- do not try to get this to use it against people or harm others or simply be an arrogant brag and go around showing off with any of the benefits or the gifts, this is for humble wise people.

5- please do not ask us to change the price, make payments or installments, get paid after we do the work or offer it for a discount. The price is fixed and it will not be decreased you should feel very happy it is not ten times this price if you knew how hard it is and how much dedication and work this takes you will realize that we are offering this as a gift.

6- this must be done by the combined effort and knowledge of seven masters each one of them is specialized in a specific part, each one is fluent and extremely experienced in what they do, mentioning that few of our masters (sheikhs) are over 80 years in age this is available now it may not be available in the near future, additionally we can offer this to very few people every year because we will have to keep half or more of our staff working only on this which means cutting half or our work and everything else we do in our center, so if you want this don’t hesitate to get it.

I know there is lots of details and info but please try to read it all, when we first wrote it, it was three times the size of this document but we tried to cut it down and shorten it in the best possible way so you can still get all the info and details without over-explaining or repeating things.





1- Can this be done to any person, does the persons believe, religion or background matter

  • Sometimes it does sometimes it doesn’t usually it’s about the person themselves and their ability to handle this energy rather then it’s their believe or religion, but that is why we do the check and approval first


2- is this permanent, can I lose it, can it go away and can someone take it from me? 

  • Yes, it is permanent, no you can’t lose it, no it will not go away, and no one can take it from you


3- will I need to carry anything or wear anything or do anything to use or benefit from this?

  • No you don’t need anything the main reason and benefit of this is that you don’t need anything, yourself is the only thing you need and we strongly recommend that you don’t carry or get any other service from us or from anyone else after this as anything comparing to this is pointless, this is the pinnacle of the work.


4- will I feel this, and will it benefit me in other aspects of life?

  • Yes, you will feel this and yes it will benefit you in pretty much everything in your life.


5- If I wanted to know or find my numbers, diagrams and schedules can you send me that?

  • Yes, we can just make sure you let us know.


6- do I have to follow any conditions or rules after I get this?

  • No, you don’t, but we strongly (and I can’t stress this enough) recommend that you don’t use this ability or powers in evil way like harming others or simply getting revenge to people from past incidents and people your simple hate.


7- can a spiritual person, a guru, or a psychic feel this or notice anything different about me?

  • Yes, they will. They don’t have to be spiritual people many people will notice something different or some change in you though most of them will not know what it is. Even the experts and the specialized people will not be able to tell exactly what it is or what happened because the energy around you will so powerful and radiant very few people in the world have the ability to see through it or understand it.


8- if I’m not use, or indecisive, or if I order this then change my mind and don’t want it?

  • If you have 1% hesitation, indecisive, or unsure please DO NOT, ORDER THIS. This is a fully custom service and fully done for you and only for you. There will be no refunds, no exchanges and no returns and if you are not ready for such better and powerful change in your life DO NOT ORDER THIS.


9- will the work you are doing all light work and heavenly work, will there be any kind of low spirits or evil spirits involved?

  • Absolutely not, everything we do, everything we done and everything we will do is 100% light heavenly work with the names of God almighty, the names of very high standing angelic beings and numbers and letters representing God power and help. We do not deal, work, use, invoke or even allow any kind of low standing spirits or other entities. We are very well known in what we do around the world and those who have dealt with us know that well.



If you have any questions, concerns, or ambiguity please contact us anytime.

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