About Sufi Magic

Salaam - Peace to all of you brothers and sisters and thank you for visiting our site. We are truly grateful to you and very glad that we can provide you with the essence of our knowledge and the science of wisdom (الروحانيات) because we believe that whatever you do goes both ways so if you do nice things you get nice things. We have acquired this knowledge (علم الروحانيات) in over decades of studying, practicing, and traveling all around the world. The knowledge and wisdom that falls in the very thin line between science and art and it's not either one. We received this knowledge mainly from father to son through hundreds of years and from great masters around the world especially middle-east the place where this knowledge originally existed and where it was developed and mastered over the centuries.

Things to know about us:

1 - We (every person in our team, seven different experts) each have more than a decade of experience in this field, and each is specialized is a specific aspect of this art and we have been doing this work for half a century.

2 - We have been selling since the year 2000 privately and directly to VIPs, occultists, and re-seller around the world. We have sold over 10000 item with (100% satisfaction), (please check our Instagram/FB page and Google account).

3 - We have been selling on eBay (in Arabic only) for since 2013 we have sold over 10000 items with (100% Satisfaction/ 5 stars rating), (our eBay store is: alahjar ).

4 - We have been selling on Etsy since 2015 until 2018 with over 1000 order and over 300 review (100% Satisfaction/ 5 stars rating). unfortunately in 2018 due to Etsy new policy they decided to stop and limit many metaphysical and spiritual shops and stores like us, and that limitation was not applied to stores and shops that was promoting and selling satanic and demonic items and services so we decided to leave that platform in 2018.

5 - Until this day by record we had over 30000 satisfied customers and client from all around the world people from all different believes, ethnics, backgrounds and cultures, to who we are all grateful for giving us the chance to help them and assist them.  

6 - We just start selling/posting is English based on the decision of our team leader to reach and help more people and expand the reach and help we can offer to who speak English.

7 - Everything we sell and make is 100% guaranteed, people say seeing is believing and we take it a step further and say, “trying is believing”. We offer 100% money back guarantee on our items and products (some items like custom made and special orders excluded).

8 - Everything we do, sell, and make is 100% white magic and light work (magic is a controversial word in Arabic and it usually means bad and evil things only so we are not offering that magic in this sense but anti-magic) the knowledge and power to fight evil work and destroy it and help others become the best version of themself we don’t do, offer, or sell any dark magic items or deal, work, use evil or demonic entities.

9 - Some of our main clients are top celebrities, leaders, famous people, wealthy businessmen, and VIPs. (we can’t post names and pictures, so you must take our word for it). This is not to brag and showoff but simply to show that many well-known, powerful, famous, and successful people are using our work and knowledge, so you don't have to be shy or hesitant in contacting us!

10 - We love to help people and do the right thing, we like to spread joy and happiness to everyone and maybe we can't-do it to the whole world, but we will definitely try to do it with the people who encounter us our code is very serious regarding our work and we take helping other and offering the very best we have in matters of work, knowledge, time and dedication very seriously as we believe this is our way to help others and try to make the world a better place for some people  😊.

11 - Take a deep breath, be silent for a moment do you feel it, it’s the now the presence it’s the most beautiful and powerful thing we have it's being silent and contempt and alive, as long as you are in the present you are happy and safe.