Where Is My Order?

Kindly read carefully!
Please Don’t rush your items, spiritual items don’t like to be rushed, everything we do is done by hand and it takes immense amount of time, energy, and dedication to make those items.
We are not a large commercial company and we don’t mass produce or sell, anything we do is done by experts who have dedicated their entire life to this work. We take great honor and pleasure in making those items and serving and helping others, so we take all the needed time to make your times are done perfectly and completely.
shipping and lead time are clearly explained and elaborated on our shipping policy, items usually take a minimum of one week to ten days make that’s if we don’t have anyone in front of you and don’t have any delays or missing materials.
If your order been over 14 days and you want an update please contact us directly through the email or the contact page. Rushing your items, for no good reason will jinx it and from 30 years of experience I can tell you rushing it will always guarantee it’s delayed or not working properly.