Empowered Hojary first grade Frankincense
Empowered Hojary first grade Frankincense
Empowered Hojary first grade Frankincense
Empowered Hojary first grade Frankincense
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Empowered Hojary first grade Frankincense

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50 grams bag (hand selected)

What is Frankincense for those who have no idea about it, well check the Wikipedia description


It is one of the most powerful materials and incense that is used in the majority of spiritual work including healing, empowerment, invocation, cleansing, etc... and it is the only material that was considered the gift of God to humans in the old ages and a sacred item that in the old ages only the kings and the powerful had access to it, it was measured with gold and for many, it was usually of a higher value.


Medically frankincense is one of the most powerful antibacterials, anti-inflammatory, antifungal natural materials in the world. In the times of plagues it was burned as incense to clean the air and kill the germs it is also used as chewing gum to fix the problems of gum and bad breath, used internally in small amounts, used as a flavor enhancer with food and tea, used as lotion or cream to clear the skin and tighten it, used as extraction for arthritis, and gut and digestion problems.


This Frankincense in addition to all the benefits and powers it naturally has it has been empowered with immense energies for over a whole week by our grand shaikh, this is done with both recitation, intention, and special process of taking the incense under the stars for 7 nights and taking it back before sunshine were it doesn’t see any sun for a whole week and this is called “tangeem”, this process takes time and effort and it is not easy but we are not charging for it you still get it for the same price which is lower than the market price for this kind and quality. 


Benefits of Frankincense and spiritual uses:

1- The strongest incense for cleansing and cleaning the sir and the house from negative energies and bad entities and all kinds of low standing spirits 

2- Empower the person and reset the natural work of the energy in the body

3- Increase and strengthen the aura around the person and make it more full 

4- Remove the gray or black energy from the aura or the person body 

5- Extremely useful for those doing spiritual work, healing, psychic work, or divination 

6- Can be used as the single incense for all planetary and elementary works 

7- Represents the sun so it combines all aspects of energy both yin and yang

8- Help improve the general health of the person as it organizes the hormonal activities  

9- Brings good luck and improve the ability to attract good things 

10- The best treat you can offer to your guardian angels or good spirits 

11- Strengthen the light and heavenly entities you may have or work with 

12- Strengthen your intuition and help improve the opening of the third eye 

13- Give you more concentration and ability to think clearly and be aware 

14- Having it in the house just the way it is good luck and good energy for it 

15- Help calm down the aggressive people and reduce problems and anger in the house 

16- Extremely helpful for men and women who have cold or low sexual energy or drive. 

17- Extremely helpful in resetting the metabolic and hormonal actives in the body 

18- Help in protection from negative people and the effects they leave on you 

19- Destroys evil eye and remove hexes and jinx if burned regularly 

20- Doesn’t’ parish, doesn’t go bad, doesn’t need special storing  


How to use it?

Simply place a few grams 1 to 3 grams of it on charcoal or an electric burner and burn it just like any other natural raw incense and enjoy the wonderful scent and energy that comes out of it.

It can be places (one small tear drop of it) in a full glass of water and left for 24 hours to cleanse the body and the guts, it can be mixed with water for 3 days and used to wash the face which make it  tight and beautiful and there are many other ways to use frankincense, but we are listing this as an incense, still you can use it all the other ways but make sure you read and understand the effects and the uses as this is just like any other natural material over use or using it if you have allergic reaction or special medical or health conditions can be dangerous.

ATTENTION: burning any material no matter how pure or natural it is will generate smoke, please make sure that you or the people around you have no condition or problems that can affect them or prevent them from using this, make sure the place you use this in is well ventilated, make sure you are not directly breathing the smoke while it is burning, make sure there are no kids indirect contacts or a very short distance from the smoke, make sure if there are any pregnant women or people with medical cases or problems that you check with them before burning or using any smoke, make sure you use natural and high-quality incense charcoal and not BBQ or fire charcoal as those have bad and dangerous chemicals if inhaled directly. Do your research, ask if you are not sure, and make sure that you are medically and physically able to use and enjoy this magnificent material.