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Love and attraction amulet - real energy work with real results - sufi magic - taweez - talisman - amulet - white magic
Love and attraction amulet - real energy work with real results - sufi magic - taweez - talisman - amulet - white magic
Love and attraction amulet - real energy work with real results - sufi magic - taweez - talisman - amulet - white magic
Love and attraction amulet - real energy work with real results - sufi magic - taweez - talisman - amulet - white magic

Love and attraction amulet - real energy work with real results

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sufi magic

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Love amulet, something we’ve been asked for more than a thousand times in past few years. It’s not a secret that many people no matter how smart, successful, and wealthy they are they face a challenge in the emotional and relationships aspects of their life actually believe it or not we found that the more smart, successful, and wealthy you are the more you face a challenge and the harder it is to find love and long-term relation.

NOTE: (very limited numbers of this item were made and it will be a long while before we are able to make more)

So, we have done this. As always, we are very honest and transparent about everything we offer and do. And this work is not strictly or exclusively ours, this is a very old work that was first done by Indonesian shamans and healers in the region of Borneo and Bali in Indonesia, the way of making and doing this almost disappeared not many people left in the world who truly know how to do this the correct way, and that is one of the reasons we are offering this so we keep this knowledge from disappearing and be able to present it to more people.

What is this:

It’s a single seed from the “Abrus precatorius” plant, it’s one of the oldest seeds that was used for its magical benefits, called many names in many cultures and places (equirity, Crab's eye, or crab's eye creeper, cock's eyes, rosary pea, paternoster pea, love pea, precatory pea or bean, prayer bead, John Crow Bead, coral bead). After the seed is taken it goes through very long and complicated process of empowering, chanting, incensing, tangeem (mooning), and tashmees (sunning), the process takes at least few weeks. Then it will be placed in a nice secure copper holder that was specifically made for that. with special engravings on it. it looks like any kind of modern nice fashionable pendant or necklace when it’s sealed.


This is specifically made to enhance the emotional aspects of the person, increase the overall love and admiration the person received from others both men and women, to look more attractive to other people from all genders, have more affection from the other sex and a much better ability to attract the other sex and look appealing to them.

simply this is one of the best, easiest to use, and most affordable real love amulets you can get. It was used and tried for centuries and it’s 100% safe and have absolutely no side effects, unlike many love and attraction amulets that use low standing entities or evil or demonic entities this doesn’t have any entities or spirit attached to it, simply the energy from the item itself and the empowerment that was done to it will greatly enhance the vibrations and extent of the red energy in the root and heart charka or what we know as the Venus energy. That directly affects the person interpersonal relationship, attraction, love and admiration, and sexual energy.

How to use it:

Simply carry it like a regular pendant or any jewelry piece, there are no conditions, rules, or restriction, no offerings like incense or anything else you need to do, women can carry it anytime even during menses and it could be carried anywhere even in the restroom or while making love.


you will feel results from carrying this item not more than one week depending on your energy and your spiritual vibration and it will always be active and work for your whole entire life, you will feel more attraction from the other sex, you will feel more respect and admiration from people around you, and you will clearly feel more attention and looks from people.

This is NOT:

This is not a binding or enforcing amulet or work as that is against what we believe and we would never offer or make that, binding or enforce amulet or work is anything that simply takes away the choice from the person and or gives you an absolute power to choose or not choose something for them, this work usually comes is a very high price and have severe karmic effects and would never offer or do this and don’t recommend that you do either.

This is not one of those fix it all magical works that some people promote and say that it will make you completely irresistible by others and people will simply go crazy if they don’t see you. (there are limits to what could be done in this work and there are limits to what should be done even with that there is no work or item that will simply make you in full control of people or make you completely irresistible to all people so don’t believe anyone that tells you that).

This not something that you would get because you simply like/love someone and what that person to fall in love with you and that person don’t, this is designed to work generally and to all people it may help in attracting the person you are thinking about or even make them love you but it’s not designed for targeted attraction to one person or a specific person.


For more items and rare stuff like this, please check our other listings.


International buyers from all countries of the world attention please sometimes there will be a little delay in receiving the items due to inspections, holidays and/or other circumstances that we can’t change or control. If you have any question, concern, and/or any problem with one of our items, please let us know we work around the clock 24/7 and will reply/solve the issue in less than 24 hours.


We work very hard, and we are very committed to what we do because we love what we do, and we are very good at it. Also, because we have tried it over and over again and we would like to preserve it, save it, and give others the chance to experience it and benefit from it. We like to introduce this knowledge and art to as many people and hope to be a reason to help or benefit others by what we do. Your satisfaction is a priority so please if for any reason, you are not happy or satisfied with any of our items or services please let us know, and we will fix it.


Please note many sellers who appeared recently trying to sell or present spiritual items, services, amulets, charms, talismans, etc. lots of those sellers or traders lack the knowledge and power to make these items, charge them, or activate them because simply many of them don’t understand how and why these items works and the nature of such work. many other people use black and dark magic, demonic spirits, bind other spirits usually very low standing spirits to do things this lead to very bad results and eventually even the spirit turn against the binder or the holder of the item.


We are a group of people and not one person, each one of us have over a decade of experience in the occult, shamanic, healing, esoteric practices. We come from different backgrounds and we all are very well known for what we do. Most of us received this knowledge through our families as it's get passed down from father to son, then all of us move on and start seeking more knowledge and a better understanding of this field. All of us have traveled over a dozen counties met hundreds of spiritual masters and teachers and studied under some of the best in the world. We took an oath that we only do and practice the highest form of white magic and light work simply to help people and preserve the art.

If you have any question or concern feel free to contact us anytime, we work around the clock 24/7 and we answer all questions and requests in less than few hours.



If you have any question or concern feel free to contact us anytime, we work around the clock 24/7 and we answer all questions and requests in less than few hours.


Things to know about us:

1- We (every person in our team) have more than a decade of experience in this field and we have been doing this work for half a century.

2- We have been selling for over 10 years privately and directly to VIPs, occultists, and re-seller around the world. We have sold over 1000 items with (100% satisfaction), (please check our Instagram page).

3- We have been selling on eBay (in Arabic only) for over 5 years now we have sold over 500 items with (100% Satisfaction/ 5 stars rating), (our eBay store is: ).

4- Until this day we had over 3000 satisfied customers and client from all around the world.

5- We just start selling/posting is English based on the decision of our team leader to reach and help more people.

6- Everything we sell and make is 100% guaranteed, people say seeing is believing and we take it a step further and say, “trying is believing”. We offer a 100% money back guarantee on our items (some items like custom made and special orders excluded).

7 – Everything we do, sell, and make is 100% white magic and light work we don’t do, offer, or sell any dark magic items or deal, work, use evil or demonic entities.

8- Some of our main clients are top celebrities, leaders, famous people, wealthy businessmen, and VIPs. (we can’t post names and pictures, so you must take our word for it).

9- We love to help people and do the right thing, we like to spread joy and happiness to everyone and maybe we can't-do it to the whole world, but we will defiantly try to do it with the people who encounter us 😊.

10- Take a deep breath, be silent for a moment do you feel it, it’s the now the presence it’s the most beautiful and powerful thing we have, as long as you are in the present you are happy and safe.



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