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The ultimate seal of destroying magician (the black magician nightmare) - sufi magic - taweez - talisman - amulet - white magic
The ultimate seal of destroying magician (the black magician nightmare) - sufi magic - taweez - talisman - amulet - white magic
The ultimate seal of destroying magician (the black magician nightmare) - sufi magic - taweez - talisman - amulet - white magic

The ultimate seal of destroying magician (the black magician nightmare)

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sufi magic

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“We can only make very few pieces of this item, and the price is simply the cost of the work plus the materials this is NOT something we are doing for profit.” 


What is this:


“this is the black magician worst nightmare, and there is no waking up from this”


This is an exceptional two seals the first one is called “the seal of imam Al-ghazali”. It’s one of the most powerful seals in the science of wisdom “al-hikma” the second one on the other side is a secret that’s been passed down in a very strict way and to a very few chosen disciples in “qadri order”, thus all credit for this goes first to God, and to our beloved masters and saints imam Al-ghazali and imam Abdul Qadir Gilani God sanctified their holy secret. 


How it’s made:


First, the seal must be written correctly then it will be (pressed/printed) one seal on each side on a metal card, after that the card with the seals on it will be empowered in a specific time, with particular incense and an intense recitation and prayer. Then it’s active.


Conditions and rules: this item has some very specific conditions and they are:


1- don’t enter it or carry it in the toilet or the lavatory.


2- don’t carry it while having sex.


3- don’t throw it in the fire, trash, or mud or anywhere that you would not usually throw a very precious and expensive item. 


4- treat it with respect.


(if you can’t follow the conditions or can’t do them, please don’t buy this item)


What it does:


This work has only one single purpose, and that is to reflect any kind of magical attack back to the source multiplied by 10X no matter of its size, kind, or power doesn’t matter who is doing it or how it’s being done. This has been tried many times throughout the years, and they say for every rule there is an exception (NOT THIS ONE THERE IS NO EXCEPTIONS WITH THIS).


How it works:


So, in simple terms, this item works as an alarm bell. if any kind of magical attack is attempted on the person that this item is made for. Before even the attack hits miles away this bell will ring, and it will bring forth an extremely powerful protective angelic entities of the highest standing (this is the first seal). It will also bring the highest standing angelic entities of war and fury (this is the second seal). Those divine beings are usually bound by heavenly rules not to interact directly or rage wars (with very few exception). This has a reason; so, the people who may be affected by evil work get rewarded for their patient, forgiveness, and any suffering, pain, or damage they endure. And the people who are doing the evil work get a chance to repent and quit their evil deeds.


Those angelic beings are directly related to the archangels and the governing authorities of the crown. For them some rules can only be broken or overwritten by higher rules so the work we do is simply swearing upon them by the holiest names of God to interfere if the person is under attack and they simply can’t and won’t refuse because to them the names of God are the most powerful thing and it overwrites all the other rules. 


Those angelic entities tend to exaggerate everything they do and in a funny way, so if an evil or magic attack happens to the person they won’t only eradicate the whole attack they will attack the magician and the related or govern evil entities that this magician is using or working with, and when we say attack we mean destroying in the most radical ways.






1- if you want to take the forgiving side.


2- if you against the idea of causing harm to anyone even if they are harming you.


3- if you doubt that the person doing the evil work to you is your beloved one (wife, husband, girlfriend, etc..) and don’t want them to be harmed.


4 -if you think there is any other solution to fix and this is not the very last resort you have.


5- if you know someone who does this kind of evil magic and you merely want to try it on them to see what it does or what will happen to them out of pure curiosity.


Order this ONLY:


1- if you are simply done and tried everything and nothing worked.


2- someone is aggressively attacking you through dangerous magic.


3- the person attacking you is very evil and strong, and no one could help you.


4- you were an evil magician and you repented and want ultimate protection.


ATTENTION: if you buy this item we are not responsible about what happens to the person who is doing evil magic to you, we can’t help them, and we can’t undo what will happen to them if they use evil magic against the holder on this seal.


add your first name and mothers first name in the notes section in the checkout.



When buying an item please read the description well, to properly use the item and benefit from it you need to follow the instructions, the instructions are usually very simple and easy. Still, we get many people who simply use the items based on what they see suitable or however they like, and this will almost guarantee that the item will NOT work. When you go to the doctor and get a medicine, if the doctor gives you an eye drops and ask you to use it as drops for the eye you are expected to do so, drinking the drops, using it on your skin, or even your ears will guarantee that it will not work and will not do what it supposed to do. So please understand this! 

Some items are only carried, this includes all our downloadable items and custom taweez, the Love and attraction amulet it’s all carried items it’s simply carried on the body or by the person it could be carried anywhere, anyway, anytime. Simply have it on you.

Other items are placed in the house or place of work (do not carry those items on you) this includes the ultimate seal of destroying magician and moving taweez for general purposes.

Other items are used once and it can be used again with water, like taweez special ink for cleansing and removing attached bad energies and dark magic, and the taweez hijab for money, prosperity, and luck very powerful, so used those items with water as mentioned in the description do not carry those items.

All details about each item is mentioned under the item details in the description, still if you have any questions let us know. Thank you and have a blessed day.


How to use it:


(simply have it in your room, car, or on your body. You don’t have to carry it, you can if you want to but having it in your place or house is more than enough). That’s it. you don’t need to say, do or make anything else. We will need your first name, your mother first name and your date of birth for this item.


The work listed here is for the very first time. Not the very first time in our work but the very first time ever


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