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Who are we ?

Rouh Alahjar - روح الأحجار


I'm a Spiritual person and (Elim Ruhani) expert. I have over a decade of experience in (Ruhani) and (Batini) science or (white occult magic). My goal is to help people and save the lost arts from disappearing.


Abdul al-Jabbar - عبد الجبار


I don't speak or read English, but I'm very happy and excited that through technology and this site I'm able to be a small part in helping and guiding others all my knowledge and the experience of over 30 years is here at your disposal to help, guide, and support you.


Rumi - رومي


Over 10 years in practicing (Elim Ruhani) and (Emil Batini) (white magic). My goal is to help people and save the lost white arts from disappearing. Thank you for giving me the chance to do what I like and for trusting me and allowing me to help. 


Ahmed - احمد 


Studied the arts of divination and meditation and practiced the esoteric ways with Sufi mystics, shamans, Buddhist monks, and Indian yogis. for over 20 years I love what I do here and I'm grateful that I had the chance to serve and help people. 



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