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What is luck and how to use it?

What is luck and how to use it?

This is a question that millions of people around the world probably ask, and while you may read many books, articles or thoughts about it, not many people really understand what it is and how it works. Here, I will reveal some secrets about luck and practical things that you can actually do to increase your luck.


Think about luck like an energy; it is some kind of a flow, similar to water, air and fire, metal and wood. It is an energy that consists of different parts of different elements.


So it has an element of water, an element of air, an element of fire, and an element of metal and wood. Don't think about it as the anonymous unknown, the thing that everyone talks about but no one understands. The truth is, it is simple.


We are all born with it, actually with great amounts of it; but when we grow up, we lose a little. When our parents and elders tell us to do or not to do things and force our little child minds and pure hearts to do things that they think are socially acceptable, we lose a little. When we get into society and do jobs we don't like for people we don't respect, we lose a little bit more. And when we get married based on pure sexual drive rather than love and understanding, and having common goals to have a partner and improve each other's lives and improve other people's lives by fulfilling a greater destiny together, we lose even more.


So by the time somebody in their thirties, married, and working in a job they don't like spends their life being told what to do, they don't feel very lucky and they have every right not to because there is very little luck left in them. 


But the good news here is that you can always get your luck back, and I will teach you how. This is probably one of the very few articles that has the potential to change your life, so please read it carefully and completely.


Luck is simply an energy, it is connected between our mind and spirit, or what we call heart. Our mind thinks and our spirit and heart provide energy. Like a battery, when our thoughts and energy are combined properly, luck is generated, attracted, moved and manifested.


Have you ever thought about something or someone so hard that after a few days or weeks, that thing happened or you met that person accidentally? That is luck.


Have you done something and didn't know why, but you felt like doing it and it ended up being something great for you? That is also luck.


Have you been delayed or taken another street, just to realize that there was a major accident where you were previously headed and you probably just avoided it? Well guess what, that's also luck!


So in simple terms, luck is an energy that cannot be seen or measured, at least by the devices we have right now. This energy is connected between our minds and hearts. And this energy can make us do things that sound or seem impossible scientifically or statistically, like creating coincidences and making things manifest that we thought were almost impossible, or couldn’t happen; but they do happen, and sometimes repeatedly.


So what to do to? Be lucky or get your luck back? 

I'm going to provide very simple and short summarized steps that anyone can take, no matter their sex, background, orientation education, or history. 


1- The first thing is that you need to do is clean your energy. There are many ways to do this, I'm not going to go through each one of them. But one of the easiest and fastest is to use a cleansing package. There are many good cleansing packages online. A cleansing package usually will involve a few things: a specific kind of incense to destroy negative energy in your aura and body, a water or a liquid that can be applied to your body to re-energize your center and chakra, a healing oil to heal and fix any damage that has happened to your body if it's in a specific organ, or if it's outside, through holes and gaps in your energy that can allow bad energy to easily penetrate. Cleansing packages are great if you want to get something that is ready to go and don't want to make everything yourself. 


We do offer a full cleansing package, it is available on our website. 


2- Once you have done that, you have to believe and make yourself realize that you are not unlucky, you are not cursed with bad luck or destined to believe Assad or a mediocre life that you don't accept or want. You simply had all the luck in the world and just ran out of it, and you can get it back again and I will show you how and prove it to you.


3- Start with being optimistic. The first part is for your mind and thoughts, because this is the main thing that will drive your luck. If your mind is confused, overthinking, sad, or half past traumas, it's going to be hard for you. So the easiest way to do this is with a new birth. Realize that every time the sun goes down and rises again, it's a new birth in your life. A new choice, new day, new destiny. You are born every day, and every day you are a new person. You just keep holding all the memories in your mind because it is necessary for your life, but the truth is that every day is a new day and every day is a unique day, and you are born as a new person every single day. So understand that, and start by being thankful for life and for everything that is beautiful in it. Appreciate the wind, the water, the clouds, the little birds singing in the trees and the flowers when you walk in the street. It was all made to make you feel happy and good, it is a masterwork beyond comprehension to show you all the beauty around you. But most people are just too blind to see it, so open your eyes, see it, enjoy it. Take a moment of silence to look at the flowers or the sky or the trees, realize the depth, the beauty and the power in it, and this by itself will be one of the biggest changes in your life. also spiritual power items and crystals may help with this, there are many and most f it will prove to be helpful but if you want something that will deliver fast results with a guarantee

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4- Now you will start realizing that there is beauty and life all around you and it regenerates every day. You should forgive yourself. Forgive yourself for all the actions that you have done intentionally or unintentionally, the things that you've done by choice and the things that you’ve done without choice. Each and every one of them; because every day is a new day and now you are a new person, so you are forgiving the person in the past. Then forgive everyone else. This can only be done after you forgive yourself, as you cannot forgive people if you have not applied forgiveness to yourself. Forgive those who have offended you, insulted you, harmed you, or done anything back to you. Realize that by forgiving them, you don't let them, their actions or anything that has resulted from them control you or affect your way of your life. Realize that once you forgive someone, they have absolutely no power over you and you have all the power over them. it helps here if you get protection at least spiritual protection so you don't have to consistently worry about getting attacked or think that people may be doing or trying to do evil things to you,

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5- Start your day with a happy routine. This will train your mind to accept and think of more happy and optimistic ideas. This will make your mind choose luck much better and faster, it is like training a muscle; if you don't exercise, you cannot lift. use perfume, incense and exercises, music and health food. for incense we would strongly recommend, sandalwood, myrrh, and frankincense. 

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6- Train your heart to accept and contain more energy by doing simple, good acts for people. Stop by a homeless person, wish them a blessed day, give them a dollar or a sandwich and have a little conversation with them. Give the birds in the park some food. Call an old friend and tell them that you remember them and you wanted to check on them and see how they are doing, send someone flowers or chocolates for their birthday or another occasion, or for no reason at all. Happiness is contagious, so is desperation and sadness, so surround yourself with people, actions and places that will make you consistently feel happy. Until you are strong enough and trained enough that the law energy things will not affect you. 


7- Practice meditation. I don't mean to sit with bunch of vowel sounds and candles and wear a long white dress for 6 hours every day. I mean simply take 10 minutes each day to sit in a comfortable place and do nothing. Just simply sit, relax, take a deep breath, and set your stupid phone aside. And you will see how many ideas and thoughts will instantaneously come to you. This is because your basic reptile mind, or lower mind, is a freaking out. It feels like there are not many things to think about or do, so it feels like its duty is compromised. The lower mind works as a tool, while it is helpful for survival and other things, it is not your higher mind and it is definitely not you. You are not a tool. So train that lower mind to be quiet. After all, you are the master of your mind, not the other way. This act will strengthen the connection between your mind and heart. 


8- Practice optimism and accuracy, be optimistic in an accurate way. The problem with optimism is that it doesn't work for most people and the reason why is that most people tend to use it as a cover for the logical results and calculations in their lives. Don't choose optimism in actions or outcomes, because this will not help you. Use optimism in states, like the state of being. Be optimistic when you wake up in the morning about the day you will have, be optimistic about the people you will meet, be optimistic about your destiny and what the future will bring you. Don't be optimistic about little things, or things that can damage or destroy your optimistic feeling. Things like being optimistic about getting a raise; when you don't get that raise, you will feel pretty bad for the whole year, being optimistic about your divorce, which doesn’t normally end up in an optimistic way, or being optimistic about driving while drinking alcohol or being under the influence, there is nothing optimistic about that. So don't put yourself in a situation where you can damage yourself and your optimistic thoughts. Place your thoughts and simple states to be optimistic about life, beauty, your day, your future. I think you get the picture. 


9- Respect time. Some of the luckiest people I have ever met have so much respect for time. When you respect time, you will do more with it and when you do more, you will get more. And this by itself will increase your chances of being lucky and successful. Always clock yourself, see how long it takes you to do things. Know how long it take you to shower, to eat, and to send an email or two.

10- Use items that can or may enhance your luck by increasing the vibrational energy around you, making it much easier and faster for you to have good luck faster and more easily by making your energy more powerful and your heart more receptive to that energy. There are many items but we only recommend stones, as they are the best, safest, and strongest. Gold agate, green jade and turquoise are few of the best from many.

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Failure to sleep. Know it and understand it. The next time you have a date, interview, meeting or scheduled event that you can’t be late to, and then that meeting, interview, date, or event ends up badly, don’t you tell yourself, “I am unlucky”. You are not unlucky, you are undisciplined and non-punctual because you lack respect for time. And once you respect time, your time will be respected. 


And one final note here, we get so many people asking us about luck items and how to win in gambling or win the lottery. And the truth is, the whole idea of the lottery is to give you the false hope that you may be that one special person in a billion… this has got nothing to do with luck. There is a higher chance of you getting in an accident while driving to buy a lottery ticket than you winning the lottery; so if you are throwing your money away, even if it's $1 on a lottery ticket, please don't. You are convincing your mind and pushing the idea that you may possibly win, which makes your mind lazy, makes your thoughts weak, and makes you think that you may have an alternative chance, but the truth is that you don't. So tear up all your lottery tickets, throw them in the trash and make a promise to yourself that you will never spend a single penny on another lottery ticket. Instead, spend it on things that you know and that you are sure that you will succeed and do well in it. If you really want to throw that money away, give it to someone who is poor. This will generate much better karma and results than you buying a lottery ticket, and the faster you understand this fact, the easier it will be to change. As for gambling, it is just simply bad. Look at the most successful people in the world; the richest, the smartest, the most beautiful, the most successful and the most powerful. None of them made their money through gambling. This is a slippery slope and a path that doesn't end up well for people. It is an addiction and it is just like drugs, your luck is not determined in a casino or by the cards you get, your luck is determined by how happy, fulfilled and powerful your life is. Once you understand that, you will realize that for you to be happy and successful, you need to stop all your addictions and gambling is at the top of the list. Gambling will not only destroy your life, but the lives of those who you love. So please do yourself a favor and stop thinking that you will be wealthy, happy or successful through gambling. 


Working hard is important, but working smart is more important. Being in the right place is important, but being in the right time is more important. And knowing what to say is important, but knowing how to say it is more important. Keep these thoughts in your mind, and welcome your new, happy, successful and luck-filled life.


Your friend and guide




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