the ongloing war on sufi magic

The ongoing war - Must Read!



You may or may not know this, but here are some facts.

We have been in this line of work for over 30 years. The experts in our center each have more than half a century of experience, inherited from the greatest masters who dedicated their lives to this work. And knowledge and experience of thousands of years passed down from master to apprentice, given only to the best of the best.


By numbers until the day of writing this, February 2021

We have sold over 10000 items, we have given over 100000 consultations and advice, we have helped or healed over 1000 cases, we have touch thousands of lives. I will confidently say that we had 99.99% of every person who used our services or items satisfied. Thank you and the appreciation letters we received; we had to dedicate a particular folder for it—all documented and factual. You can check it and see it on our eBay store, Etsy store, website, social media, google, etc.


What many people do not know is that we are consistently in war since the first day.

This war is not only spiritual and energy-wise because, in that field, we prevail and dominate by the will of God and the blessing of our masters, “God sanctifies their holy secrets,” but rather a physical one. That sounds like another conspiracy theory! I wish!


Here are just facts, not opinions or thoughts but only facts.

1-     2010, the personal site of “Rouh” was DDos attacked by unknown parties, we used the best to get it back, and we did. Those people we hired said they had not seen anything like this; it seems that this effort regular hackers do not have! 


2-     2011, the same site was blocked from counties like Saudi Arabia, UAE, and others. Knowing that we did not sell anything on that site, we posted articles and ways to cleanse and remove bad energies and give people advice and education. It was bizarre that the site gets blocked.


the war againt the sufi

1-     2012 multiple attacks on all our social media accounts, forcing us to close it all and start new ones, and the work and effort for so many articles and posts were all gone.


2-     2013, the Rouh site attached again and was down for few weeks. We got it back also.


3-     2014, we started our eBay store. After few months, many items have been taken down for no apparent reason. After we legally contacted the site, the things were back again; we were told it was an unintentional mistake.


4-     2015, we started our new site, "Sufi magic" we had the Shopify payment system denied, and we could not get a payment processing system.


5-     2016, we started advertising and putting a great effort into delivering a message of love, strength, and power to everyone regardless of their orientation, sex, background, or race. A few months after, we had all our advertising accounts suspended in one week.


the war against sufi magic

1-     2017, our Instagram page hacked, and followers and posts were all deleted. It was professionals' work, and again we hired people to get it back and tried to recover.


2-     2018, we started presenting our work and items on other platforms. Since it was more secure, we do not have to do all the programming and website building. We started offering our work on Etsy, Fiver, Upwork, etc. After few months, we had over 200 five-star reviews on Etsy and 100% five stars feedback on every other platform, these were real people who tried and used our work, and it changed their lives. Unfortunately, this was not for long.


the war againt sufi

Shortly after that our Upwork account was closed, also for no obvious reason.

the war against sufi


The same thing with our Etsy account, we received an amusing message saying that items need to be tangible. We don't only sell tangible items, but we had the most comprehensive return policy on the site for 30 days and 100% five stars feedback.

the war against sufi

Anyway, they removed all keywords that allowed people to find our items. Those same keywords are used by hundreds of other stores that are still active until this day, the majority of those stores selling Wiccan, satanic, or otherwise items. You can search it yourself!

 war againt sufi

We finally got the store closed. Yes, we had everyone in the integrity department checking our store for some reason, not only but the person who used to manage the store and customer service was helping and managing other stores as it was his job. He was an independent person, all the other stores he was accessing or managing, even though it is entirely non-related and had nothing with what we sell or do, were all closed. Yes, I’m serious! Finally, all personal accounts for our members were also closed. One of our members had a personal account that he did not sell anything in it he used it to buy somethings for his kids or family; his account was also closed. I kid you not. It was that bad.

sufi magic


Finally, when we contacted the team, called, sent emails, and the people who had those different businesses and accounts reached Esty, we got this.


the war against the sufi

Anyway, it was all good with us. People closed one site; we opened two more. It was not anything other than harassment and hustle, but why and for what reason?

2020 was a heavy and challenging year for everyone. We tried our best to offer the best of our work. We had members of our center, friends, and family passing away due to the covid-19 pandemic; we stood firm, offering the best and working 24/7 in a way that even some of the most prominent and most influential companies could not afford to do.

This year was unbelievable as it seems that someone is trying very hard to stop what we are doing and the work, the knowledge, and the information we are offering to people.

This year alone, we have received more attacks and issues than the whole previous ten years combined.

In summary, here is what happened.

  • Our Google ads account was closed. After years of having, it and without changing anything, it was suddenly suspended!

war againt sufi


  • Our google merchant account was closed. Also, for no apparent reason!

the war aginst sufi

  • Our Facebook ads account was suspended, also for no obvious reason!

war against sufi

  • Our site “Sufi magic” was blocked from multiple countries again, like Saudi Arabia, one of the top counties that we help people in it was blocked nationwide! Yes, if you have someone there, send them the link; it will not open. It shows it is “blocked.”

the war against sufi


  • Finally, and here where it gets crazy! Our business credit cards that we used for daily purchased and business-related purchases were closed by the issuing bank! It was not closed because we did not pay it or missed anything; it was closed because of what? Read it yourself.

the war against sufi

I know what you are thinking, this could be just a mistake, or the bank decided to close this card because of whatever reason! How about all our business checking accounts? Also, for no reason, I know you think this is not real. Well, it is. Both our 360 and main business checking account were closed, all fund on hold, you cannot withdraw or deposit and no one in the bank know why, lawyers, accountants, and even law enforcement been contacted. Still, it seems that it is “an internal investigation that can’t be disclosed and have no specific time frame” we thought it’s a mistake. It appears that no one in the bank or the branch knows the reason for that, but they know, word by word, “it’s an executive decision, from up in the bank no one knows who or why.” Well, there you have it!


the war against sufi

  • Anything else? Yes, we have an extensive sabotage campaign from people we do not know, never dealt with, or even recognize, leaving negative, fake, or offensive comments, reviews, or even posts about us. When we contacted those people to ask if they have any previous interaction with us or have dealt with us anyway, they do not reply or answer.

And here you have it the short, or long summary about what we have to face and deal with. This is not only limiting our ability to work and help others at this point. We are merely sustaining our presence by the help and support of the center's members and their donations and help as you may well know that almost everything we offer and sell it for cost price. We don't make much money in what we do, adding to that we have a team of people working 24/7 and usually give advice and consultation for free to everyone. It is physically impossible to proceed with what we do the way we do it. With that been said, we are taking every measurement and option to keep the door open and not stop what we do and not say goodbye.


Please wait for our next email coming soon in few days, as that may be the last email you receive from us!


Your friend,


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