The Magic and forbidden knowledge between the good, the bad, and the ugly! - sufi magic

The Magic and forbidden knowledge between the good, the bad, and the ugly!

The Magic and forbidden knowledge between the good, the bad, and the ugly!

What is magic?

- There are many dictionary definitions and meanings for it, but we think Magic is life itself and anything and everything that interfere, interact or interface with it, good or bad it’s simply an energy. Just like life itself.

What is Sufi?

- The word Sufi also has many definitions and meanings, some of the many meaning is the word comes from “Suf” which means “wool” in Arabic, due to the clothing’s that some of the mystics and meditators have worn around the ages which is wild unprocessed, untreated wool that was very harsh on the skin.

Other meanings are from the word “Safa” which means “pure or purity” and the is the most probable meaning and it related directly to the whole concept of what many mystics and masters around the world where trying to accomplish by purifying the self with nothing but love and to reach nothing but love to be able to accomplish nothing but love so love was the way, the goal, and the drive.

what religion, group, or belief system do you belong to?

- As clearly mentioned below we like to think that we only belong to love and nothing, but love, religions, groups, and systems have many goals, targets, and needs, some to make people better some to give them spiritual power and knowledge and others simply to makes them more in touch with their true better/higher selves. And we think that all this is great and nice but the highest concept of all this is love so if try to accomplish any of that you may succeed, but you would still be few steps behind the real power and truth so why aim to the trees when you can reach the stars.

Are you guys like some secret or underground occult or group?

- No, NOT AT ALL. We are simply a group of people who share many common values and believes and think that if you are not doing anything wrong you have nothing to hide, so we are very honest, transparent, and open about what we think, believe and do, and again everything we think believe and do is love.

You talk a lot about love what is love to you?

- Love the highest state of mind and power that command and rule this universe, we believe that there is nothing holding the particles of this entire universe but an unlimited amount of compassion and love. And we think without that there would be no life. To us love is life power, knowledge, strength, will, righteousness, forgives and giving. Like many aspects of life love itself can manifest in many ways and forum some are higher than others and this usually is reached by understanding, meditation, knowledge and compassion the more you have of that the higher the forums of love that you receive and give will be until at some point you became so transparent that you hold nothing you simple became a door or a gateway that passes great love from the universe on anyone that comes in contact with.

You are talking about such a high and supreme state of mind is that enlightenment?

- People have many names for it there no single religion, believe or meditation system in the world that didn’t describe this in a way or another it has many names but it’s all the same thing, it’s a very special state of mind that simply make you see everything the way it is and understand everything the way it is and know your true self by reaching a place with so much light, power and knowledge or simply love.

I have noticed that most of your work is in Arabic and you use many Islamic verses and words can you tell me about that?

- yes sure, before Islam the Arabs had so many wise people, mystics and great masters. Whom had so much knowledge and wisdom about life and the inner ways of its working, after Islam came it simply provided some clear rules and guides for this work and knowledge which made it better, and more understandable. It also added many real and very powerful aspects to it and took many false and mistaken aspects out of it.

You say magic do you really believe in magic?

- Well, first we must understand and agree about what magic is. A thousand years ago almost everything we do now was considered magic to people then, even a hundred years ago many things were considered unattainable and they are given things to us and a part of our daily life now. so, to make it easy and simple for you I don’t believe in anything that I can’t feel, touch, and/or sense and you may wonder how I feel, touch, and/or sense the work we do here, you don’t have to ask me you can ask the 10000 people or more who used our work and services.

 Ok so how does carrying a piece of paper or a stone can help me

- The first thing you need to understand is that everything is energy. And there is much more to what we see the physical existence is not really a reality but merely a reflection of a reality, a reality higher than our simple sense and physical rules. Science can’t and won’t prove the existing of ghosts?  Because you simply cant’s put a ghost in a test lab and apply the physical law to it. how many people around the world have experienced in some way or another the effect or existence of ghosts or spirits? How many millions do you know? Additionally, how many one of those people was a smart, educated, and non-believer person of ghosts this didn’t change or remove the fact they did actually have an encounter and an experience. But there is so much to say about this subject.

-Is "MAGIC" allowed or is it good in Islam?

-The answer is: NO

Then why you do magic?

- we don't do magic, we do anti-magic or the opposite of magic, in Arabic, Farsi, and other languages that most masters and practitioners use there are words to describe this work "anti-magic" like "Raqqi from Ruqya" or "Ruhani from the word rouh or spirit" or "elim al hekma or the science of wisdom" unfortunately these terms doesn't exist or have a clear meaning or understanding in English, but the word magic does. And in Arabic, the word "Magic" can only mean bad, evil, dark work. And that is not the case in English as the word can mean both good or bad work depending on the use and the meaning. Thus, we clearly say here we don't do or practice "evil, dark, or bad work" all we do is help people through strictly "good, allowed, and pure ways".

With that been said. We must clearly state that we are not members, affiliates, or representatives of any kind of group, religion, or sector.


Blessings and regards to you all.


-Rouh Al Ahjar

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