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The gifts of the spirits and how can you acquire them?

The gifts of the spirits and how can you acquire them?


This is a subject that many have been talking about and many people are completely oblivious about it.


First, let me start by saying that this got nothing to do with your Association in specific religion, belief or group it doesn't matter if you were Christian, Muslim, Jewish or just a spiritual person who does not follow a specific mainstream religion as long as you believe in God in the spirit and in higher powers that effects and influence our lives you will be able to acquire those very special gifts. Throughout history and ages many people took advantage of this knowledge, creating cults and secret societies also many people took advantage of this knowledge and power in not revealing the true secrets and ways of how those gifts are acquired. The truth is anyone anywhere with the right guidance and willpower can acquire those special gifts and the tremendous powers that come with it.


so, in short, what is it?

many people throughout the age is called it many names some call it the Jesus gifts even though it existed way before Jesus Christ peace be upon him some called it the gifts of the spirit this is the most common name to it other called it sainthood and some people in some cults and societies call it the power of light. To explain what it is and how it works it needs a very deep and intense understanding of the knowledge and science of spirit and how things work on a level beyond the physical but we will try to make this a simple and as easy as possible to be understood by any person.


In short who you are and what your life is based on your actions, I think this is something the majority of people no matter of their belief or orientation agree with if you do bad things crimes, illegal things, harmful things you have a much higher chance to suffer and pay for those actions than someone who is doing good deeds, good acts, and helping others out of goodwill this is simple cause and effect.


Things work in a very similar way in the spiritual realm. But it is a little more complicated and the effects of what you do can be multiplied and that's what we going to talk about here. This whole theory based on that human consisting of more than just a physical body calls it spirit, unknown energy, higher consciousness or whatever you want to call it. It exists in each one of us it is the light within, the inner Sky, the unlimited ocean, and the universe within the universe.

this spirit or energy is not limited by the physical rules it does not have time, space, or boundaries it is not containable you cannot buy it, sell it, touch it, or understand it.

but through the work and the experience of some great masters throughout history, we managed to understand a lot about it and made some basic rules and guidelines on the inner workings of this spirit and what benefits it can bring to our life.



Let's just imagine it like a light very shiny and strong light This light exists with each human since the first day we are born the bad actions we do smudge and cover that light with dirt the more we do those actions the more the light is covered and sometimes it is so overwhelmed by the actions we have done we can't see the light anymore, many people exist in this situation and Unfortunately, more and more people in time of greed, need and fast life and increasing competition they are smudging their lights with all kinds of bad actions.

The good news is this light will never be turned off until today we die it will always be shining no matter how much we smudge it and try to cover it with dirt and bad actions. when this light is fully clean in there is no dirt on it the light will act like a super-strong laser that not only shine and open the way for us to see and understand but also who works is a weapon and a defense mechanism against anything and everything that we may face in life. We can control it at will anywhere anytime the power of this light is so tremendous it can physically bend the reality and create what people call miracles.



I am not going to dwell more about the mechanism and the ways this light function I will go directly to the most simple and effective way to clean your light and make it bright and shiny again. now keep in mind this is not something we read, or we came up with this is the knowledge that's been passed down for thousands of years hundreds upon hundreds of people has tried it The power of it can change your life in ways you cannot even imagine. and no, no one can take it away from you the greatest thing about it is that it's just like the greatest thing in this world it is free.



Before I start telling you and giving you basic instructions on how to clean your light I have to explain to you the fundamentals so understand the mechanism of this light and how it works because you don't want to do something that you don't understand just because we said it or anyone else did!


  • First rule is nothing goes uncalculated.

doesn't matter if it's something you have done good or bad or something that someone has done to you good or bad it doesn't matter if it's a 100 years ago or yesterday it doesn't matter if you know the person or don’t and if the person knows you or not nothing goes uncalculated.


  • Second rule is you reap what you saw.

matter who you are where you are or what you do when you grow tomato you get tomato when you grow onions you get onions.


  • Third rule is your actions are judged by the will and the intention behind the actions rather than the results and outputs of those actions.

the example you do something that may sound or look good to everyone around you the will and the intention behind your action are about it doesn't matter which people think or watch the results of the actions the will is bad you will saw bad results, same with good ones.


  • Fourth rule is good actions get multiplied bad actions are limited to its own.

in another word when you do a good action out of goodwill the results and the effects of this action will always multiply sometimes double, triple or much more. When you do a bad action, you are only subjected to the results of this one single bad action.


  • Fifth rule is no one pays for anyone, no one takes from anyone.

is probably where some people disagree, but this is the truth every person is liable and questioned for their actions. You are not responsible for what your parents did you are not responsible for what your kids did you are responsible for your actions.


  • Sixth rule is Actions can only be changed by actions.

means if you have done something bad you need to do something good to equalize it or delete the bad action you do, Simply thinking about it, regretting it, or asking someone for forgiveness, will not erase or change the results and the consequences of this bad action.


  • Seventh and the last rule is those rules apply to everyone no one escapes those rules.

matter if it's a man or woman a child or an old man it doesn't matter if it's a saint or a Sinner the rules apply to everyone no one escapes the rules.


Now you have read the 7 rules and hopefully understood them I will give you the easiest and shortest way to get your light back again and trust me when I say this it will sound hard In the beginning but the hardest point is the first step if you choose to start then you have already passed the hardest point.


  • Be honest with yourself and others.

not lie, And I am putting this role as number one because it is the most important.

If someone ask you something and there is no way for you to say the truth, simply don't say anything. Don't intentionally try to mislead people. Most importantly be honest with yourself do not lie to yourself you always know the truth it may not be what you want to hear and that's exactly why you should say it. always tell the truth.


  • Keep the Seven channels of actions clean. Those are the 7 channels that through them you commit all sins also you commit all good deeds. Simply by keeping them clean, you are opening the doors to doing good deeds and more beautiful actions and closing the doors on doing destructive and harmful things. The Seven channels are (your eyes, your ears, your mouth, your hands, Your sexual, organs, and your legs). Even though this is a wide and complicated subject (Which we will talk about and explain in another detailed article but in short keep them clean by not polluting them with low energy action) here are some examples


  • Eye / Avoid watching porn, Horror movies, Any show or movie with intense Painful harmful or bloody scenes.
  • Ears / Don't listen to aggressive Hate or Profanity, doesn’t matter if it's a conversation the music or a song, try to avoid listening to people who lie a lot or say bad things about others all the time. (We all know one or two of those guys)
  • Mouth / Don't say hateful harmful things don't shout at people remember the words that go out of your mouth decide your destiny. It's OK, to be honest, direct and firm Just pay attention to the words that you are saying. Also, avoid saying bad things about people who are not physically present with you and they have no way to reply to answer or explain themselves. This is very important and it's probably one of the hardest parts.
  1. Hands / Keep your hands away from harming creatures, an exchange of money tools and items that will directly harm others.
  2. Sexual organs / Try to avoid having sexual intercourse with multiple people or random people. this is very dangerous as it is always an exchange of energy and you never know what kind of energy you are receiving from the other person. If you have a partner, try to be with them and only with them this is the best and the safest way.
  3. Legs / Don't walk with your legs to places or people that you know will cost you or others harm pain or damage. Choose the places you go to or visit carefully is energy and people in those places have a huge effect on you especially when you are the one choosing to walk into those places.


  • Final thing to do, Is to increase your positive attitude be optimistic be grateful that you are alive every day you woke up in the morning take a moment look at the Sky look outside your window look at the sun or the moon and realize you are living in a truly beautiful world and you have the potential to enjoy this life as much as you want the only pain misery and suffering you face is because of what you have done or the results of the choices you made so free yourself from the pre-acquired believes that you have bad luck and you are not like the happiest and most special person in the world. Take care of yourself treat yourself as someone special because you are.


If you follow those simple rules generally in few months to a year you will notice a tremendous change in your life a change that you didn't expect Additionally if you keep doing this long enough and good enough you will start receiving the gifts of the spirit.



I'm not going to explain all those gifts and what they going to be and how they are going to work but trust me it will set you apart from millions of people you will have what many others call superpowers it will be like a new birth. You will be beyond what you ever thought you could be.


No, you know this you have two ways of acting with it even committing to it doing it and simply trying what is going to get you and trust me you will never regret it in worst cases if nothing tremendous happened in your life you haven't lost anything. or you can simply ignore it say to yourself this is just another article something I read because I'm bored or have free time and go back on doing whatever you've been doing and trust me in a few years from now you will remember this and you will regret the point that you haven't started earlier. it is never too late now is the time it was never yesterday it will never be tomorrow it is always now. Make your choices now and start now.  


We have written this article and we are sending it to people teaching people answering people and guiding people for free. Others may ask you for your life belongings in return of glimpse of what I have just explained to you. You don't know how valuable is what I just told you until you try it we are doing this for free well technically it's not free because it's a good act and we will be paid for it but we will ask you to simply share this with others, send it to the people you love, send it to anyone who you may think will need a little change to the better in their life and trust me they will be grateful to you so will we. don't let this stop with you we didn't let it stop with us.


- Rouh


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