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The danger of mirrors

Some of you may know this, but I’m sure many don’t so I will explain this from the beginning and in a very simple way so everyone can understand.

Mirrors are not just objects like all other objects, it is gateways and windows to other dimensions. A dimension on its own extremely complex and complicated, there is no truth or objective reality in it, this dimension is right in the middle between our world and the other world, were beings like spirits and djinn and other creatures dwell.

It is very real and it is very dangerous to miss use or try to be a shaman with a mirror without extreme knowledge and caution as even the experts in this field sometimes make mistakes, and those mistakes are usually vital.

So, when you are looking in the mirror (physically) you are simply seeing a reflection, but (spiritually) you are looking at a gateway or a window to another world, so don’t listen to the new age so-called (gurus) who give people some exercises or things to do with mirrors and I’m not going to go into details about what those things are or why they make people do it but let me tell you this, it is very dangerous and can be very damaging to your energy and possibly your life.

There are many kinds of magic that involve mirrors, one famous kind that was used throughout the ages and in many cultures and societies is the prediction magic or the fortunetelling. This was used in China, Indian and Egypt and from there all the crystal and shiny and fluffy objects that many people use these days came from, actually, the crystal is a mirror that has much less risk and damage than the actual mirror because it does have a depth and demotions so it is very hard for entities to hide in it or for the person to lose their mind while looking at it.

Here I’m just going to give you a few suggestions and bits of advice that you will find very helpful and very beneficial, especially for women who spend hours sometimes on the mirrors and usually are the ones with most spiritual issues from this matter.

So here it is:

1-     Try to avoid staring in your face or eyes in mirrors, if you have to do something or check something make sure there is enough light in the room and after you are done move on to your life as you never know what is watching you from the other side when you are staring for long times.

2-     Do not look at mirrors in empty dark places, especially if it’s haunted or have a bad vibe and energy to it and trust me from personal experience seeing hundreds of people having this problem I’m telling you, you don’t want this problem.

3-     Do not carry mirrors and walk or run were it shows reflected images on consistent bases, as a game or habit like sometimes kids play carrying a mirror and walking while looking at it which looks as if they are walking on the sealing, fun game but very bad and dangerous and trust me last thing you want is your kids telling you about what he or she saw when they looked in the mirror the next day.

4-     When buying a used mirror if you have to do it, which I personally do not recommend but if you do make sure the mirror is not covered from the back, so you can see the back of the mirror, as 90% of the mirrors that were used or involved in spiritual invocation will have writings or symbols written on the back of the mirror, so if there is nothing you are probably good, but still there are those mirrors that are haunted or have attached entities or spirits to it and those usually will be sold in a very public way as anyone in possession of it will tell you something is very strange about this mirror, unless it is fully covered and looking very old and very beautiful and probably offered for a very low price, do yourself a favor and stay away from those.

5-     If you are looking in a mirror somewhere and seen something strange or a shadow or a change of your face, simply move away and leave do not stare at it, do not break it, and don’t freak out.

6-     If you realize that you have a mirror that is haunted or evil or supernatural, there are two things you can do the first is cover it, and wrap it with strings or tape in any way that don’t allow people or someone random to take a look at it, also put a sign on it that says “this mirror have bad or abnormal energies please stay away”, and move it where the covered face of the mirror is directly facing a wall. That if you still want to keep it but if you don’t want to keep it simply cover it, wrap it, and take it out bury it on a depth of 4 feet or deeper or throw it in a river, a lake or the sea. Preferable after that burn some sage and do a simple cleaning for your house with prayer or salt and vinegar spray around the room the item was in.

7-     Do not write on mirrors, do not kiss mirrors, and do not curse and/or cry directly in In front of mirrors, do not place a mirror directly in front of your bed, specially if you are with someone else in bed!

All those advice are from real-life experience and knowledge and I’m simply writing this to make people avoid some serious and bad situation, which we see and face almost every day with people who made the mistake of going into this filed or work without knowledge and experience.

If you find this information helpful, please share it with others.


Have a blessed and safe day. 

Your friend,