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Incubus and succubus feeding, you are the victim!

Incubus and succubus feeding, you are the victim!

I’m writing this to give those who are facing something they may not totally understand and probably can’t find an explanation for anywhere a solution and a way to get rid of their problem.

By writing this I just want to make sure that I’m not taken as another religious person trying to promote or impose their own beliefs on you I will not mention any religious references or verses, I will try to be pragmatic, logical and direct to the point to help those who may have this problem no matter of their believe, background, orientation or age. 

incubus and succubus are creatures just like anything else but not physical creatures, they exist between this realm (our world) and another realm, they are not quite as developed or independent as other creatures, think of them as sophisticated parasites that move to a host body and then feed on their energy. Sexual energy Just like any other parasite, they need a host to survive and they will do anything they can to stay attached to it and feed on it until there is nothing to feed on then they move on to a new one.

You may be wondering why you should care, well because if you are having issues or problem like, consistent uncontrolled sexual ideas, being consistently sexually drained/non sexual with people or partners but being very sexual when you are alone, having rises and falls of sexual feeling through out the days or the week, having erectile dysfunction with some people without having a medical or scientific reason, and other related symptoms..


Then they are probably feeding on you or your energy. About 70% of the cases that we get that have symptoms of other (non-human entities and energies) effecting or damaging humans are from incubus and succubus or things related directly to it. It is very dangerous that we think a large amount of depression, anxiety, suicides and unbalanced sexual behavior in the world are related directly to it in our 30 years of work with over 10000 client from all over the world we have seem a lot. The worst thing about it is (IT IS CONSIDERED A FORBIDDEN SUBJECT TO MANY THAT NO ONE LIKE TO TALK ABOUT  FEARING BEING LAUGHED AT OR BEING JUDGED OR TAKEN AS CRAZY AND USUALLY THOSE WHO KNOW ABOUT IT DON’T CARE AND THOSE WHO CARE DON’T KNOW; WE ARE AN EXCEPTION AS IT'S OUR DUTY AND JOB TO SPREAD AWARENESS AND HELP AGAINST THIS PROBLEM).


Not going to go into the religious references and the times this was mentioned and talked about in almost all religious books and texts around the world which we have studied and read a great part of, but I will simply start with a simple understanding of what is incubus and succubus is from our own experience

Incubus is an entity that feeds on yen energy in humans (female energy), specifically sexual yen energy and a succubus is an energy entity that feeds on yang energy (male energy) specifically sexual yang energy (yen and yang) are female and male energies and it make the chi energy or life energy also called (ki, chi, ka, ra, tai, or any other different name as it's the same but have different names in different languages, cultures and times. If you are not familiar with yen and yang a short google search will tell you more about it.


Where don’t incubus and succubus come from?

There are many ways to answer this question, some are religious some based on universal understanding and some based on total personal experience but none of that matter because this question is just like asking where do humans come from, it doesn’t matter we are here now, and believe when I say there are other energies and entities in this world that we don't see and may not fully understand or be able to measure and test but they are here.


What is their nature?

The nature of incubus and succubus is harmful to humans, no matter what all the magicians and the warlocks and the occultists and some of the new age spirituals gurus tell you, take It from someone who spent over 30 years researching this subject becoming one of the world’s best experts in this field being consulted by presidents and world leaders when things get really bad (as we are not fans of presidents and world leaders and only help them when they really need it because it's our duty). I took an oath many years ago to never lie and never hide a truth, I belong to one of the oldest known disciplines in the world called by many as Sufi practices but in reality, it is Ibrahimic teachings submitting to one creator that made everything out of love and light. Called it whatever you want it’s not the point now my point is I haven’t only studied the teachings and the scripts that are older than I can date but I have tried it I have done this for a living and we work and help people who have those problem and fight those entities on daily bases.


An incubus and succubus can destroy your life and in many ways.

Here I will explain and please don’t think I’m writing this based on anything I’m simply explaining my experience and on-hand knowledge in this fields for over 30 years, I’m not trying to offend anyone, insult anyone, or make anyone feel bad as this is never a goal to me, my goal is to help those who may be facing things they don’t understand or know how to deal with because I have been receiving a bulk of hundreds of messages every week concerning this subject so I will try to explain it and address once and for all to help those who may need help.


incubus and succubus can make you feel like someone is sleeping with you, literary and it doesn’t matter if you are a man or a woman it doesn’t matter what is your sexual orientation and it doesn’t matter what religion or belief system you follow this can happen to anyone, now the good news is if this is happening to you this means you have a strong male or female energy, yen or yang energy and it means that those parasites trying to feed on this energy because it is attractive and powerful, the bad news is if you don’t cut those parasites off it will destroy your life and make you tired and chained in almost everything in life, it can destroy your life and if you don’t move quickly and follow the advice I will give you here you will probably don’t get another chance.


So here are the basic symptoms of having incubus or succubus:

  • Feeling that someone is with you in bed when you sleep
  • Keep getting repeated lucid dreams about having sex or sexual behaviors
  • Feeling that someone or something is touching you while you are sleeping especially in your sexual organs
  • Dreaming about a person you like or love repeatedly in a sexual matter
  • Masturbating addiction or porn addiction sometimes uncontrollable
  • Change of sexual behavior or thoughts to homosexuality or lesbianism against one will or emotions (feeling like someone is imposing some ideas of thoughts on you)
  • Feeling like something is driving the person for sexual activities without emotional attraction to the other person without feelings
  • Being unable to have an erection for men and unable to have an orgasm for women with a sexual partner but being completely able to have an erection or orgasm while watching porn or masturbating
  • Being consistently unreasonably thinking about sex or sexual intercourse all day until it is exhausting or preventing other basic thought or ideas from occurring in the mind
  • Feeling extreme sexual bipolar feelings like being extremely sexual and the next day feeling no sexual drive or need at all.


Those are the most common symptoms if you have three or more then this article is definitely for you. ( please read it well and fully)

First I have to explain why this would happen to you or what makes it happens so you know how to prevent it in the future and if someone reading this doesn’t have any of those symptoms they would know how to avoid it.


Things that make incubus and succubus attached to you, things to avoid and change:

  • Watching porn and horror movies especially the one with sexual content.
will sound weird to many people but there many scientific respectful types of research about this and you can google it all, it affects your mind, thinking patterns and the gray matter in the brain it is proven to have a negative physical and mental effect on you. Avoid it at all cost
  • Being heart broken or abused or molested or technically any sexual trauma, that can severely affect your whole energy or mind that haven't been treated to told to anyone and the person hold it as bad or negative energy in their heart and mind.
  • Doing spiritual alter work (for people who do witchcraft or other kinds of magic) or some other spiritual practices that are restricted or warned against in the wrong way, this can includes so many things like invocations done wrong, summoning without knowing how to detach correctly or completely, getting or trying to do love binding work or going to magician to ask for bringing love back or controlling the person one love or want to marry or wearing low spirit served amulets or talismans

  • Practicing sex on repeated bases with different people without emotional or mental attachment like doing porn or prostitution is very common and widespread thing that happen to people involved in this line or work.
  • Other extreme traumas in some cases like severe fear, sadness and pain can also cause these things by decreasing the energy level and opening the mind and spiritual body to attacks that in some cases can also result in this.


How to get rid of it:

  • First, if you practice or do any of the listed things above, then the first thing you should do it cut it and stop it and make every effort you can to get help from people who like you and people that you trust, or seek professional/consultation help.
  • Make cleansing water, bring clean water about 5 litters of it, add 7 Sidr leave or what is also known as (Ziziphus spina-christi), also known as (Christ's thorn jujube). Any 7 leaves dry or fresh doesn’t matter from any location this tree is available in, add 7 regular size food spoons of raw sea salt or mountain salt (any natural raw salt and not manufactures or enhanced salt), add 7 regular food spoons of raw vinegar this can be any raw natural vinegar (apple vinegar works best) we personal used apple cider vinegar widely available almost all around world called “BRAGG” raw apple cider. Mix everything in the water take the water to the bathtub or shower and wash your whole body with the water, (by wash I mean drop the water on your body from head to toe) make sure you don’t leave a dry area. You can shower with regular water immediately or directly after you did that. (this was your external cleansing)
  • Internal cleansing, add a small one cup spoon of raw unfiltered vinegar, preferable the kind we mentioned “BRAGG” to a cup of water or juice or tea and drink it twice a day for a whole week additionally, try to avoid excessive meat or animal products, smoking or alcohol in this week.
  • Change your bed-sheets, wash it or get new ones, also preferable change your underwear garments and get a new one, keep a clean and ventilated house, and get some sun in your house the more sun the best, the cleaner and sun lighted your house and living place is the more good energy you get, if you follow a specific believe system or religion say a simple protection prayer and a thankful prayer on daily bases something like (my thankful to God and his angels, my guardian angels for the blessings and protection i have and I'm seeking God help and protection in this matter and in getting rid of the problems the attacks the negative energies and entities that may attack me or wish me harm and evil, I seek the protection because I'm grateful, I'm believing and I'm asking i seek it immediately, and forever strong, powerful and complete just like all gifts and rewards of god almighty)
  • Finally, make sure you take a shower first thing when you wake up and the last thing before you go to bed. Preferably a cold shower or not very hot.
  • Use natural incense in your house I mean raw natural resin incense and not stick incense or scented chemicals as those can have bad effects, preferable use frankincense or myrrh, sandalwood or agarwood even once a week this will keep the energy in your house clean and keep your mind and spirit elevated.
  • Finally, forgive those who may do harm to you or cause you pain, forgiving them is simply breaking your mental chains and getting out and becoming free. Know that whatever happen is passed and dear and it only exists in your mind and memory the second you acknowledge that and let go of the feeling you have about it if it’s hate, sorrow or fear then you are free.



These steps will make sure that you get a new start and you should be easily able to get rid of any bad energies in a matter of a week if you do it, additionally, if you know someone who may use to benefit from this information please share it with them.


 have a safe, happy and blessed day.


Your friend,


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