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Full moon and two kinds of people

two kinds of people, those who will suffer from the full moon and those who will cherish. This got nothing to do with the person being good or bad, young or old, man or woman it got to do with the person spiritual energy and ability to handle "huddur" or "spiritual presence" just like the sea when waves go up some places get destroyed and some like mountains doesn't get affected. Many people think that you are born with your spiritual energy and power and you can't change it (wrong you can change it) most of those people complain and live a hard life because they put a spiritual and psychological limitation on their selves. Even though many are good people you see them lost and always wondering around crystals, numerology, zodiacs, etc. This is because no one showed them the "tariqa" or "the way" this is not a religious practice buy a spiritual practice it doesn't belong to any religion, group, culture, cult or party. This belongs to humans all humans and when you get the way you stop looking for other ways, you stop wondering, feeling lost, feeling fear, feeling hate, feeling negative all this disappear and a new person is born from ashes, your ashes just like a Phoenix bird you have to be burned first with a very special kind of fire the fire of ultimate love and no not your boyfriend or girlfriend love this is basic desire, not your parents love this is preconceptions and fear not your children love this is instinct and survival habits (I'm not saying do love those on the contrary our goal is to love them all) but don't start with their love because you are starting backwards like everyone else start from the beginning, the origin, the one, the only, the near, the far, the ultimate, the absolute only then you are starting from the very first and when you start from the very first by definition you are going in order by line so you will never miss or get it wrong. I know some people may be reading this and saying what's the nonsense this man is saying he's probably high or drunk. they are right I'm both high and drunk not on substances but on love
- rouh .

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