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don't do this when you sleep !

Things you do that Jinx you!


You may wonder why some people have good luck and maybe you wondered why some (or yourself) don’t, well I may not be able to tell you every little thing that makes people lucky but I can tell you about the things that are may block your luck and in many cases jinx you.


So, without any further introductions, I will list it and have a short explanation under each. Now some will sound funny or unrealistic but trust me I didn’t get these things from my mind. Just let me say that I’m sure about what I’m saying not by my accord only but by hundreds upon hundreds of real people’s experience and stories so take this article very seriously as it has the potential of changing your life and future. I will be speaking about the habits and things we do when we are at our least conscious level when we are sleeping which effects the whole day and a big part of our lives.


I could’ve charged people thousands of dollars for this knowledge because it will change many things in their life but I’m putting it for free out there, all I’m going to ask you is to share it with others and give us a credit so you can help others just like these things will help you.


  • When you wake up in the morning be happy and thankful, your first few minutes will influence the rest of your day and all the possibilities in it.


your day with bad mood is not just bad luck but also psychologically bad for you, so try to be happy, my advice the second you open your eye ay a thank you prayer no matter in what language or wording just know that this same day many people didn’t wake up or woke up much worse than you so be grateful that you woke up and be happy about it.


  • Wake up early, the earlier the better if you can wake up right in the sunshine you are destined to success no matter what you do.


is one of the old secrets and one thing that all millionaires’ super athletes and successful people have in common they all wake up early and healthy. When you wake up early your energy is in sync with the sun and everything that it effects and that is pretty much everything so if you want to be happy and successful wake up early and make it a habit to wake up early.


  • When you sleep don’t sleep with your head toward the natural north (the magnetic north pole) you can have your head in any direction but make sure your bed is not placed with your head toward the north.


is an old Indian practice and it is very well established in many practices and meditation techniques this is for two reasons the first your body transmits energy and the this energy will be pulled and consumed by the strong magnetic field of the north if your head (which is the key and center of this energy is toward the north pole), additionally there is small percentage of iron in your body not that small as it’s enough to make 5 iron nails, this iron is dissolved in the blood when you are laying down toward the north more iron or blood will go toward your brain and this usually even in very slight amounts can trouble the mind and make you see bad dreams and wake up tired.


  • Don’t sleep fully naked in bed

people feel comfortable sleeping fully naked in bed and even though some doctors and medical experts will say this is ok we disagree, even if you put an underwear on or one single piece of clothes don’t sleep fully naked this is an invitation to succubus and incubus and a wide range of bad spirits and entities to attach itself to you.


  • Don’t wear full black or make your sheets and covers full black

is one thing that those who tried it will know it well, it is bad energy and it will make you wake up like you haven’t slept at all, don’t wear all black or have the sheets all-black actually the less black colors you are wearing or covered with when you are sleeping the better it is.


  • Try to avoid sleeping on your belly

people don’t control or feel the way they sleep when they are sleeping but if you do try to avoid sleeping on your belly, you can sleep on the left, right, or backside an all is fine but sleeping face down can have few issues some are just physical like bad bone and joint pressure and some are spiritual like cutting the flow of good energy you get when your are sleeping.


  • Try to avoid having mirrors in front of your bed when you are sleeping

I know it became an iconic fashion to have a wide full-size mirror in front of your bed or the ceiling above your bed and even though it is ok for few nights or if you are on your honeymoon or special occasions but not on regular bases it is very dangerous on the long run and will drain you of energy and you will always be sleepy and tired.


  • Have a cold or cool shower before sleeping

is also a common practice for many people especially athletes and active people and it is a good one, this also has a physical benefit as it enhances the blood circulation and make you more perceptible to rest and sleep and on the spiritual level, it will recover the missing and broken parts of your energy and fortify your aura and energy level before sleeping.


  • Finally, a cold shower in the morning right after you wake up

is also a common practice and it doesn’t mean to have an ice-cold shower first thing in the morning but having a quick shower with cool water first thing in the morning before doing any activity will set your body and energy right.

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