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Coronavirus is the symptom, what is the cause?

Coronavirus is the symptom, what is the cause?

We have been taught very basic principles since a very young age, there are two things in life those you can change and those you can’t if you can’t change it make peace with it but why it happened?

There are many answers one on a physical and medical level and that a virus made a genetic jump and became much more dangerous and one on a religious level, because it is God, will as some will say and yes while both answers are true and correct but one other answer is on a much deeper and more holistic level and that is cause and effect the eternal law that governs all things.

I don’t think many people expected what is happening now and the impact it will make on our lives and future, but disasters and epidemics always happened in this world throughout the ages and I don’t think this will change anytime soon.

The coronavirus is a symptom since we look at things from a holistic point of view, this world or the earth if you want to call it is like a human body, the universe itself is not much different than the smallest unit in that universe, a universe is like a system just like the human body and the solar system is just a cell in the body think about it this way.

The coronavirus is not the cause it is a symptom, it is the fever and the pain you feel when you are sick, so what caused it?  The short answer is many things, the long answer is too long to be explained here, so I will make this as short and as helpful as possible.

I will try to teach you very old wisdom here so pay close attention to what is written in the next few lines:

The virus is a respiratory virus this means it hit our lungs,

What are your lungs? It is the thing we breathe with, the air in air out, unlike skin or bones or blood or nerves

Lungs represent the air, the purity, and the clean air and environment.

Again think about it as a whole body, when the lungs of the planet or the earth are messed up, so will be the lungs of the people, this means pollution, specifically air pollution and dangerous and poisonous materials that are greatly increasing in the previous years and the number of cars and carbon and chemical ejections increasing the cutting of all the planets and the jungles and the destruction of the things that clean the air (destroying the lungs of the earth) will destroy our own lungs there is no way around it we are part of this planet we live in it we come from it we go back to it we are made from the same elements it is us but bigger.


This is, unfortunately, one thing that people who run this world or think they do don’t know about or can’t yet understand because they are simply so obsessed with gains and profits and making money, do you remember the legal rules and laws that were canceled or remover since the new administration took place, and it is the same case in many countries, specifically, the countries that are currently suffering the most from the virus those rules were targeted directly toward protection the air from pollution (keeping the lungs of the earth clean) those rules are canceled, removed or ignored by politicians who were of course working with or with the support of billionaires and corporation leaders, don’t take my word search it yourself. While I’m sure the politicians and the billionaires who back them up didn’t know or understand this because they look at things from a very materialistic point of view I’m sure if they knew that this will happen they would put many rules and regulation to keep the air more clean and safe, rather than thinking about making more sales and profits and now things crashing on their heads and the heads of everyone else. Because people didn’t take responsibility they didn’t ask or learn they didn’t search they were worried about who is the guy or girl that is funnier or more silly in the debates of the elections, who promised more gains and who cut more taxes, well none of this matter if we don’t have clean air to breath a clean environment to live in and a holistic emergency system that prepare us not only for war but for this that an be even more dangerous and damaging.


We have seen thing happen so many time in so many forms and so many places, it is a rule a principle and a code deeply imbedded in this world and the universe we can’t escape it, you get what you make, we pollute the earth with or without knowing, we elect people who care less about the environment and the health of this planet and we think we will make money and make our economy much better by paying less attention to our own environment that we live in this what happen we lose more than what we imagine. Because we are the environment, we are a part of it it does not separate even though we may think it is.


Hopefully, after this hard time is finished and everyone you know and care about including yourself is safe and healthy you will be a power and drive to take more care about the environment and by doing so taking more care of the people and everything they hold dear.


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