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Activating the power of God in you

All your problems are not real!

You heard me right, and I’ll prove it. Read to the end.

In the beginning, there was the one, the one is the begging and there is no one before the one and no one after the one anything that begins has an end but not the one as there when there was nothing but the one and one will be there when there is nothing left but the one. From the one all will, and intentions came, from those intentions, words came, and from those words, actions, and sequences came into which this universe existed.


the one-made rules into which this existence happens, just like a masterfully made watch there are moving parts and pieces. You can’t take anything out, and no piece is more valuable than the other as they all have purpose and meaning no matter how small or insignificant it may look, it’s there for a very good reason. With this unamenable accuracy and purposefulness in everything the essence of the rules of this existence takes place. But what is the point of saying the rules we are talking about your problems.


Well, the rules are what your problems and suffering all exist and disappear with. If you think about all your problems it is based on your mind and the perception your mind gave you about yourself. It is not your mind, and it is yourself. It is a perception that your hold and refuse to give up on because you invested so much in it that it becomes like your identity (I say like because it is not your real identity). Why do people gamble? Why do some people lose so much money in stocks but keep doing it? Why did some people keep getting back to the addictions and the pain? Why can some people never leave their toxic partner and always get back to them? You know what I mean!


All this because on your projected identity, your mind made a boundary and structure of thoughts and presentations, expectations and do’s and don’ts all those build your expectation and perceptions of what is good and what is bad, and what is painful and what is pleasant. The truth is none of that matters, you are simply burning your time, energy, and power trying to chase something imaginary, no one finished their entire work before they died (alexander the great conquered the entire known world and he still wanted to finish his life work) no one finished their love story (Romeo and Juliet) no one finished their meditation (all the buddhas) you get the point.


It's not the destination never matters it is the journey, you should find pleasure and enjoyment in the journey, not the destination. You should be (just be) now and not tomorrow, there is no tomorrow and there was never a yesterday, tomorrow is a work of the imagination, and yesterday is a work of the memory. Both are more of a perception than they are a reality. The only real reality is now.


Here and now, at this moment. The angels and the devils, the heavens and the earth are having a fight over your soul, both fighting viscously, and you are standing there in the middle, blindfolded while armies are being destroyed to win your soul, this is how powerful your soul is, it’s more than what your mind can grasp or imagine.

All your problems are the result of your, inability to see the truth. The fact that you have God's spirit inside you and you can move mountains, you have the sun and the moon and all the stars in the sky. You have the universe at your will working in a way beyond your mental comprehension to grant you and give you all that you wish and love.


So why you are suffering, why do you have problems, and why you are overthinking?

Because you are following, the blinds, and the blinds won’t lead you anywhere right? You are thinking that you are not self-sufficient and that you need love, you need money, you need security, you need tools, you need this, and you need that. All you need is to understand and believe that you don’t need any of that and then you will have it all.


Yes I know we all need food and shelter and safety in the sense of survival, but these are not your real problems, aren’t they? The real issue is that you are trying to be someone, but you are already someone. So, you are losing your true self in the attempt to be someone you are not. You are selling the gold for copper. Why you are doing that is because of the programming, the social, religious, political, etc.. all kinds of programming, and all kinds of preconceived ideologies that you carried with you throughout the years.


They are rubbish, the truth is within you, and the universe is all about making you happier, you are still not happy because you are seeking happiness in something not real and your soul and energy seek what is true and real.


Take a break from whatever you are doing. Take a deep breath and know that in this entire existence, there is no person who ever existed or will ever exist that is identical to you. you are that unique and you have the power and ability to change the world. You are wasting your time and energy on things that don’t matter. You are a godlike being imprisoned in a weak body, you need to realize that you are impassioned first before you are able to leave ad you can’t leave prison without the realization that you are in one.


Once you understand that, take a moment, and talk to the universe. I promise you everything you say will be heard loud and clear. Then give thanks to yourself, to the universe, and to the tools and ways that led you here. Once you do that you will start feeling a fire, a fire unlike another fire it can’t be turned off and it will grow with love, knowledge, and power it will grow quickly and dramatically where it will changing the fake essence of that or who you think you are to what you truly are.

Think about this: if a God-like being made the choice to come down to earth and be trapped in a human body, to spend a single human life in this human body and feel the human experience first-hand, what is a human lifetime to a god-like being, not even a second. This is like when you go to experience some event or try something that is considered hard. You are just simply doing it to see how it feels. If a god-like being was trapped in your body as a human experiment to this godlike being how would this godlike being act? Coming from a source and a place of unbelievable power, knowledge, and strength this godlike being will be afraid of nothing, no one; after all, it’s just a short experience. This godlike being will try to regain as much power and energy by undemanding the weakness and power of humans, how to avoid those weaknesses, and how to advance those powers. A god-like being will face everything and work around everything but will not be troubled by anything when problems happen the god-like being will see the irony in it and maybe smile, other humans will think this human is crazy or go mad but they don’t know that there is a godlike being in this human when the hardship comes and the human body is getting tired and weak the human mind is overwhelmed with insignificant problems, the godlike being will calmly sit and take a deep breath and face the hardship with the awareness, power and might or a godlike being knows that is it all a short experiment when it is necessary to know what it feels to be a human.


Now this godlike being is you, it is really you. this is the truth just nobody told it you before and I’m telling you this now. You are a godlike being trapped in this body. So, start acting like it. The second you do the second you will realize how true this is and then all your problems will disappear, I mean really disappear, and not the perception of those problems will disappear, but they will actually disappear.


Crazy I know, and you may not believe me, and I don’t expect you to but so it, please try it and you will realize it’s true and that some stranger in an article gave you the greatest give in life after life itself the gift of freedom.




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