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About suicide and depression

About suicide


In this current time, the world is facing a time that has never been seen in history. It is not just the covid-19 pandemic it’s the change the takeover of the large corporation on many aspects of our life, the rapid increase in technology, and the changes and effects bother negative and positive it’s bringing to our lives.

We are getting many people who face depression and we are getting many people who say they were or had thought about suicide, it is very sad and very alarming and this is a reflection of our souls being in pain and suffering so we are writing this to anyone who had depression or thought about suicide before.

Read it to the end every part and word of it was carefully written and the knowledge and wisdom in it are so valuable so read it and if you can please share it with others, we do it for free and we only ask that you help us for free to help others.

On the sixth day!


When God made man, he knew that man would be an emotional creature, a creature that is very loving but also can be very hateful so he made him in a way that makes him superior, while angels were made from the light of God and Djin made from the fire (1), and other creatures made from other elements God made the man from clay(2) or earth an element that is lower than fire and less powerful, yet it’s an element that can contain other elements and it’s the only one that can do that, you can’t put water or clay inside fire you can’t put fire inside water but you can put both fire and water inside the clay. Then God has man the greatest and most superior gift in exitances God’s spirit(3), the absolute element in this existence, and other existences that can overwrite and overpower all other elements. God did not just stop there giving the man his spirit, but he made man in his own image, perfect and complete.

When the man was standing God ordered all his angels no exceptions, the millions upon millions of angles in all their shapes kinds, and form to kneel to man (4)  Man was made not only with the greatest gift in existence but with the greatest honor, there is no other creature that has that gift or this honor.

This man is you, man or women, young or old this is you the holder of the greatest gift and the greatest honor in this universe, but you probably don’t fully understand it or appreciate it, yet!

This gift and honor were not just a metaphysical thing or something that spiritual people talk about, this is what science and physics have proven, even the atheist scientist without knowing it they prove this every day.

Let us start by you coming to life first the two people that came together and made your existence possible here must meet in a way that is so coincidental if you think about it it’s an extremely slight possibility, additionally anything could’ve gone wrong in their health or body that prevented them from having offspring’s but they didn’t (doesn’t matter who you are), on average a man will have about 100,000,000 (hundred million sperm) and a woman will have 1 million eggs; and by the time of puberty, only about 300,000 remains. Of these, only 300 to 400 will be ovulated during a woman's reproductive lifetime you need both and you need both to be healthy and working, can you do math? Calculate the possibility it is staggering.


Then there is the abortion (children killing) which you have obviously survived, between 20% to 15% of all women in the USA who get pregnant between aged 15–44 does abortion) this translated to around 1000000 (one million) abortion per year in the USA only


Then you survived the birth danger which about 7000 babies die in birth every year for different reasons. Now and this is getting overly complex mathematically but try to add the numbers try to calculate the possibility of you being here, we are steaking statistics and numbers now not religious and spiritual these are factual numbers.

Your own existence in this world is a miracle, it is so slight in possibility something or someone must have been cheating (or providing tremendous help) to make you existed here, you are in a way an impossible possibility, you are so rare and so selectively selected you are more rare and unique that anything in this universe, you are the rarest and unique this in this universe. Look at yourself.

 No other human being in the existence of the universe had your same exact face, or voice, or eye pulp signature, or fingerprint, or personality, or thoughts. You are made in perfect perfection that cannot be described in any other way than, God’s own image(5). You are a smaller vision and image of God. You are godly you are more powerful and more superior than you can ever imagine.


So, what is the deal with you being a loser? Being miserable, being sad and depressed, and being weak? Thinking about throwing in the trash the best and most valuable gift in this existence

What is going on? This is the most important question is with all that we have mentioned before you should not only be happy but you should be superior in every aspect and way and you should have this life as the greatest gift and enjoyment.

What happened is simple, we humans messed it all up, what you are feeling or facing or fighting is not because of God as all good comes from God only and all bad Comes from us this is with the expectation of people who you love passing away as this is something that will happen to all of us and if they had a good and happy life you should be happy about them and not sad, everything else your wife or husband, your evil boss at work, your job, your situation in life it's all about you so start acknowledging it and start taking responsibility.


You are depressed and feeling down because you are far away from your own spirit the real power that holds this world, you are not getting or giving enough love and you are driving yourself through the needs and wants of your body and the expectations of your society which is false and will never give you real satisfaction or real maturity, go back to the existence where you were the only [person on this planet, you are alive, caring the greatest gift and greatest honor on the world, this life is so beautiful beyond description you only need to see it.

You need to remove the coin from your eye as they have been lying to you about the ferryman there is a ferry there is no river and no spirits don’t cross away like people, your spirit can move faster than anything in this existence including light, it can be anywhere anytime, anyhow, your spirit can’t be taken, destroyed or captured, it can’t be given or sold, and no it’s a scam the devil can’t buy your soul because you don’t own it and he can’t own it, it’s a trick because your soul is God’s soul so by thinking you give it away you are getting tricked that you are giving away God. You can’t give away God, the same thing about your soul now do you understand how stupid and idiotic what they have been telling you for so long. Trust me because I have no reason to lie to you I’m not trying to convert you or de-convert you to anything I honestly don’t care what religion or belief you follow I just want to wake you up a little bit and try to take the coin away from your eyes so you can see the sun, I know you will not like it, I know in the beginning you may hate me about it, But I also know that when you see the sun you will be grateful and happy beyond words, so take the coin off your eye so you can see the sun, wake up. Stop watching TV and news, stope associating yourself with others, stop being a follower of trends and people, stop being a sheep and be a lion, be strong because that’s the way you were made, be righteous, be honest, be thankful to God and to others who do good deeds to you. be yourself your friends don’t matter, your family doesn’t matter, your society doesn’t matter you have to gain back yourself, your uniqueness and your power so you can help and influence, your friends, your family, and your society. A beggar can’t give anything, don’t expect to change the world if you can’t change your situation and life, don’t expect to influence the world if you can’t influence your circle, don’t expect to give love if you can’t love yourself first. Doing good starts from inside out so do good to yourself and be good with yourself so you can do good with others.  



  • 1- (15:27) and before him We had created Jinn from the flame of heat. *18
  • 2- (Al-hijr) 26 - We created man from sounding clay, from mud molded into shape.
  • 3- Sad – 72 "When I have fashioned him (in due proportion) and breathed into him of My spirit, fall ye down in obeisance unto him."
  • 4- (15:30) Accordingly all the angels bowed down
  • 5- “Then God said, “Let Us make man in Our image, after Our likeness, to rule over the fish of the sea and the birds of the air, over the livestock, and over all the earth itself and every creature that crawls upon it.”


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