Real manifestation stones. Never been listed nor it will ever be listed again. - sufi magic - taweez - talisman - amulet - white magic
Real manifestation stones. Never been listed nor it will ever be listed again. - sufi magic - taweez - talisman - amulet - white magic
Real manifestation stones. Never been listed nor it will ever be listed again. - sufi magic - taweez - talisman - amulet - white magic
Real manifestation stones. Never been listed nor it will ever be listed again. - sufi magic - taweez - talisman - amulet - white magic
Real manifestation stones. Never been listed nor it will ever be listed again. - sufi magic - taweez - talisman - amulet - white magic

Real manifestation stones. Never been listed nor it will ever be listed again.

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We were very hesitant to list the following stones, and after many thoughts and multiple “estikarahs/ asking for guidance” we listed them here and our will and hope is only to help the people and provide the best of the best to our customers whom many of them are family and friends.

Out of a total of more than 50 stones that’s been all sold-out mainly politicians, celebrities and public figures there is only 8 left, those are the 8 stones you see in the picture we never listed them publicly before and it will never be listed again those are 8 stones and that’s it, when it’s gone it’s forever, not because we don’t want to offer them but simply because those were made few thousand years ago and with all honestly and humbleness we have no clue how they were made or who made them. We just know that they work, and they work very well, and time made them even more powerful and stronger.

So, what is it?

Those are small clay or stone beads, ancient beads made by hand those are usually found in ancient ruins, toms and in some treasures usually with very precious items like gold and precious stones. They were mentioned in many old books and scripts as stones that were made by the highest priests in a very secretive and hard way that it was only passed down to one or two people every generation and never written or taught to others. those stones were made to be given to kings and generals to those who had a superior privilege.

the way it looks:

They look like they were made based on actual figures of faces, you can see similarities in the work and that making and an obvious fingerprint of the maker who made them as they look like they been made fully by hand and not cast or printed on a shape, which means that there could be no mistakes in the making and it needed extreme dedication and skill to make one of those stones.

How it’s made:

It took us some time to actually be able to fully understand what those stones are and what it does. Just like all our work and items that we list we have to be 100% sure and confident of what we are offering.

after long meditations, and invocations and by the grace of God where are able to fully understand the powers and value of those stones. The stones are made in specific time this is usually on the eclipse or a specific full moon an event that happens ones every few hundred years so in most cases the person or the priest that has this knowledge will no be able to use it and simply pass it down to an apprentice to be used later. The stones were made from some special clay or sand and made based on the shape of the entity of the intelligence that this stone invokes or is connected to.


What does it do?

The stones have incredibly old and powerful (ancient) intelligent connected to it, this intelligence is not from our realm or our planet it’s galactic or celestial. The stones have the ability to mix with the person’s energy and field of thoughts and affect the way of their life. This is not done by any kind of magic or spirits but simply by activating or empowering the person's power and vibration, their fields of energy and thoughts so they can attract thing that they want to their life. Thus, the name “manifestations stones”. The way it works is simply by having the stone near the person or in the persons place so there is no special use or instructions to you, no rules or commands, nothing just simply get it and forget about it.

Does it really work:

We had those stones for over 10 years and we were very doubtful about the way it works and what it does, we tried them and many members of our team tried them additionally when we first started offering those stone they were literally ten times the currently listed prices so not many people could afford it, it was usually our top social clients like politicians and famous people after a year or two we start noticing that almost every single person who got them tried to get more, we checked and asked and every single person who got one of those stones said “I’m getting things I never thought I could get”.

For over 10 years we sold over 50 stones of them, those were stones that we personally collected in our work and search excavation and looking for lost treasures and ancient ruins those stones were mainly found around the upper west coast of the red sea and the south coast of the Mediterranean Sea. due to many reasons including the current geopolitical situation in this region, the high cost of searching and excavating, the limited number of experts who are still able to read and understand the ruins signs and symbols we are not going back there again and our quest and search is over, so this is it all that is left and we are offering it for few very lucky and special people.

Is it right for you?

This is very important questions, and please read the following very well. I will not try to promote or advertising those stones as I know it will all be all sold out very soon and probably will be resold for a multiplication of the price as it’s the case with most of the items we offer. I will try to tell you if you should stay away from those stones who shouldn’t carry those stones.

Those are stones that will multiply your ability to attract things, and your power to get anything you want. Now with that been said the stone will not control what you want to attract or what you want to get. So, left take an example:

a very motivated and enthusiast person, an optimist a happy person who has many dreams and goals and feel it’s taking way to long and way to hard to accomplish this person needs to get one of those stones ASAP and I mean NOW because it will literary give him or/her an edge and advantage over everyone else.

Another person who is a negative person by nature, complains a lot, doubtful of everything, never sure or confident of what they want or why they want it, lazy and have no motivation, this person should never get any of those stones as it will only make their situation worst. (I hope the example is clear) if you get one of those stones and really want to see some change and magic in your life, simply don’t complain, don’t feel self-pity or be submissive and don’t think about all the bad things that can happen and your life will radically change in few months. If you don’t think you can do that, please don’t get those stones. In another way those stones are like supercars they are extremely well built and super-fast and will give you a dominating advantage against anyone else the only issue is you have to be a good driver to drive one, because of you don’t know how to drive or you only drove a bicycle before you will probably crash. Even though those stone does have a defiant rule that it will never cause any harm or damage to the person it will be the person that is actually causing themselves damage if they are stuck in only bad and negative thoughts.


None of what we said above matter if you can’t see, touch and experience real results, so what are they.

First of all the stones have the ability to give you guidance and directions if anything and everything in your life, you will be able to use this, benefit from it and experience it from the very first week as the stone doesn’t only help you attract what you want to get but guide you and direct you to what you need to do, this works by having the stone (after you get it and it’s moved to your name) near you in a dim light room with no sounds or noise and no electronic devices on short approximate from you (so you put all your phones, phone chargers, laptop, etc..) away or in another room. You can sit or lay down while the stone is near you it doesn’t have to be on your body. You will feel sleepy you resisted the urge to sleep for 5 to 10 minutes,  and simply ask your question, or the advice you need, or the way of action that like to take and you will start getting clear images and thoughts about what you need to do you may even get a feeling that you suddenly know for sure what needs to be done, when using this don’t expect to ask ridicules questions like (what are the next lottery numbers, or what are the numbers of the combination lock, or where is the gold treasure in my country) as those are things you are not supposed to know so you will not know, what you will know if your way or work or plan is good, if you need to make something else, if you need an advice that you may miss, things that you can know and probably can think about but haven’t thought about it or missed it,

Finally, the real deal is this will get you things, the things you want but understand if you have any obtainable goal (please don’t be an idiot and contact us asking how long it will take to winning the grand lottery or being the winner of all gambling games) as I’m sure if that was your only way to be rich and accomplish your goals you will probably accomplish nothing and be poor forever.

I’m talking about real things that you put work and effort in to, like ( finding a life-changing carrier that you like, finding the love of your life, getting multiple fast promotions or raises,  greatly increase your income and wealth, becoming an expert in a field that is hard and competitive, reaching fame and becoming a public figure, being able to understand people around you and influence them, being the center of attention and admiration of the people around you, etc.…)

Time frame:

usually, between 90 to 190 days, you will start seeing real life changing improvements and results in your life and will only increase in time and effort, your motivation and positive attitude plays a big part here.

 if you feel one of them is calling you simply pick the one the one you like, they all do the same thing and work exactly the same way so there is no wrong choice.