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The Greater Ring of King Solomon

The Greater Ring of King Solomon

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The greater ring of Solomon.

(Subscribers with active monthly payment subscription get this for half the price)

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Over a thousand email in the last 4 years asking about this item.

Numerous people online were reselling it for 10 times the price.

Online groups and forms were made to take about this specific items and its work.

With immense dedication, effort, and luck and above all blessings from all mighty God we managed to make this again. If extremely limited numbers.

The last time this was listed as last year all rings (15 only) were sold-out the same week, every person who got one said this is the best item they have bought in their entire life, some of those rings were resold for over ten times the price, we have seen them and yes people bought it for ten times the price because we couldn't make them anymore. we got asked more than a hundred times to make those rings again to the point where the requests were so overwhelming we had to take the listing down. the person (the sheik) who used to make those have passed away (May God bless his soul to heaven) and the material to make the rings with became so hard to get it was ridiculous.

People used to wait for over 3 months to get one ring and now just the materials will take us one year to get. anyway, to make a long story short. each member of our center had one of those rings made, just like the people they waited for 3 months and paid the full price and they all loved this so much it was a symbol to the pinnacle of our work and knowledge. now one of our sheiks who have some of the rarest collections of spiritual items in the world said I'm not wearing this ring and I have hundreds of rings like it, I want to move it to someone lucky to use it and benefit from it as it's not accepted in our belief to keep items without wearing it or using it just for the sake of collecting with no benefit, so he asked us to list the ring that is already done and finalized for him which we will personally move to the person who will buy it, he also insisted that the ring get listed for the same original price no extra fees, so you won't only get the ring without waiting, get the main sheik personally moving it to your name and get the very last ring that will ever be listed or sold but you will get it for the same price, consider yourself very lucky if you are reading this email or listing. (One ring only size 8) can be adjusted or changed by the buyer after purchase.


Throughout the years almost everything we did and offered was extremely secretive and strictly limited to very few people, presidents, kings, politicians, billionaire tycoons, super celebrities, this ring here was one of those items that no regular person would see or be able to get in their lifetime.

A year ago, we took a different turn based on the decision of our sheikh and master who said that we should offer at least some of our work to the public and help regular people and not have our work restricted to very few people. This made us change many things including the whole process of our work it was very hard to make our items affordable to the regular person and still keeping the same level of benefits, quality, and service but we did!

many of you who may contact us many times before may realize that we have people working around the clock 24/7 nonstop, our items and work speak for themselves with over 10000 item sold more than 1000 customer around the world and 100% positive feedback on everything we offer and sell.

Additionally, we have specialized experts, dedicated to run and do every aspect and process of our work to the perfection which makes the results of our work incomparable to any other related spiritual work or group of people.

This ring:

This ring is a very old and powerful spiritual item, it is also a very intricate piece of art and jewelry.

There is so much to be said about King Solomon and the seals and his own personal seal or ring that was called the greater seal or the seal of the David star. I can go on and on pages after pages telling you the history, the stories, and the books that talked about this, but none of that matters.

So, I will be as direct and as short as possible in describing this magnificent item, that most probably you have never seen before, nor you will ever see again.

This ring is one of the rarest and most special and hard to make items, the people who know about the spiritual realm and the sacred knowledge will know the true value and meaning of this item. For those who don’t have much knowledge, I will explain how this is made so please read to the end and read carefully!

First of all, this ring is done on many levels so it’s a multiple work system,

  • We get the materials which are pure silver, copper, and those have to be of the highest purity, this is usually done by the material of the sourcing master who an expert in sourcing material.
  • We get the place to do the work, the place must be not only clean and pure, but have specific rules and condition so the energy is optimal and there are no side or negative effects in any way, a master will do a full empowerment and protection and cleaning into that place.
  • We get the melting cast and tools; all tools musk be manual as no electricity is involved and no strong vibration that might interfere with the energy before the ring is finalized and the casting master or the blacksmith will be doing the casts.
  • Another master (master engraver) will start engraving and finalizing the rings all by hand if you look at the pictures you will see who detailed and intricate this work is.
  • Another master will fit all the pieces together, the face with the copper frame, the two signa’s on the side and the make sure everything is perfect in place.
  • After that, the ring will go to the final level and that is the final empowerment and activation, keep in mind that in each one of the above-mentioned steps there are specific kinds of spiritual work or empowerment done, all leading to this final step which is the hardest.

An extremely powerful invocation and empowerment will be done by a master of the white arts, someone who is an expert in this specific work. This step of the process needs extreme concentration and knowledge in the spiritual science of invocation and empowerment. It will take a whole week of work to fully empower and activate the ring, this includes burning incense, long recitations, fasting, staying awake long hours, concentrating energy and prayer.

In the end of this week of intense work and empowerment the ring will be something like a supernova of good energy, in the last or final moments of the empowerment the ring will start shaking (literally shaking and moving just like what you see in the video) as a way or a sign to say that this physical item has reached the ultimate climax of empowerment and spiritual energy and it can take no more If we don’t stop or keep the empowerment for a few more seconds the item will break.

That’s when we will have stop and finish the process by sealing this energy inside the ring where will stay forever. Then we will just have to wait for the ring to cool down because the ring will become so hot after this it will burn your hands if you carry it.

After that, the ring will be incensed with a special mix of very rare incense and get perfumed with a mix of oils consisting mainly of ambergris, musk, and roses.

Then it’s ready to be sent to the very special and lucky person who will get this ring. Every ring is fully and individually made by hand for the specific person who requested it.

No need to say that every single master in each of the process that was mentioned is an expert in what he or she does and there is no place at all for the novice or the amateur in this work.

everything that was mentioned above in every single step is pure 100% light work and white magic of the highest standing, and there is no dealing, working, or using any djinn, evil spirit, or low standing entities in any of our work. this work is consisting mainly of the secret knowledge of stones and elements and energies, spiritual empowerment by a white art master, and invocation of god’s names and the names of the highest standing angels and that’s it. NOTHING MORE.

The art:

This ring simply by the way it looks and the way it’s made is considered a rare artifact, a museum piece, a top collector’s item, and an extremely beautiful and rare piece of jewelry, I don’t want brag or sounds like a salesman because I’m not but try to take this item to any master jeweler and ask if he would make it from scratch how much it would cost?

The price:

Why we sell stuff so cheap?

People keep asking us, why you sell your stuff so cheap, well it’s pretty simple.

First, we want to help people (regular people) not our regular clients who send upon us in their high-security privet jets.

Second, if we are doing something that is really good or great why don’t we make it great in value and price also after all it’s against our code to do things half the way or incomplete.

Third, our hourly rates for special work and consultations is pretty high starting from 10k an hour so why not do something nice, powerful, and affordable to people who can’t afford our services or work after all we get what we do and since our goal is to heal and help then we should do that in all possible ways.

we went through so much trouble and planning to be able to cut all extra costs and minimize our profit to list this item for this price, so this item is more like a gift when you pay for if it’s like you are getting it for free, we are doing this for a few reasons, simply as a way to introduce this to the world (few lucky people on our super short mailing list), help others by providing them with something that could positively change their life, and give people a real, touchable, taste of our work and art that only very few people had the privilege to feel and experience. So please know that this price is very final, non-negotiable, and will not be reduced or changed if anything it will only increase or double in the future or the coming years because of the increasing costs and the decrease in the materials and people involved in this work.

to state it from a financial point of view, this is never a mass-produced item nor something that will be done or regular bases for the supply is extremely limited, and the demand is extremely high yet we are not being subjected by that because we don’t care we are still making this and selling it to few people for a fraction of what his item could be sold for.



You think Diamond is rare? You can get a Diamond ring from any mall any time and on the right season you get them for 20% off (seriously)

Do you think the Rolex watches are rare? You can get a Rolex from any major airport!

Do you think the top designer’s custom-made jewelry are rare? Any good jeweler can make or replicate a custom-made jewelry item for less of what you paid!

But good luck trying to make or replicate something like this ring,

There are very few people (counted on one hand) who can actually make this ring in the world, because of the difficulty and the work involved in this you don’t see them teaching this in school or giving online seminars this means in the next few years when there are not many or not any of those people left (we hope that this will never happen) you or anyone else will never be able to get or make this item ever again. You may know the “lion skin amulet”. That we have listed on our site, and we used to offer and sell, people would wait for months on our waiting list to get it, and a few lucky people did. Well, it’s gone forever because the last person who used to know how to get this item and he’s our direct source and the person we deal with has passed away he didn’t have any students or disciples, so those who got the lion amulet now have an item that only a few dozens of people in the world have. 


This will combine the total benefits of every single item in our catalogue additionally it will have all those benefits working in one item at the same time, this is kind of an over power for a spiritual item and something that you will not need anything else with it (let me say that again you will not need any other protection, luck, love, attraction, happens item ever if you get this ring). Here I will mention some important aspects and benefits of this ring.


This will fully cleanse and clean your body and aura on 7 different levels from any kind of attached entities, negative energies or evil work, it will remove everything in the first day or wearing the ring and if there is anything on you, you will feel the difference in the first day.


You will say goodbye forever for all kinds of dark magic, evil entities, and bad people trying to harm or affect others with their negative thoughts or work. if someone tries to do something bad to you after you got this ring they will greatly regret it and you will probably know or hear about some bad news happening to them!


If you got this ring you will never go unnoticed in a place or around people, you will suddenly feel that people are looking at you, interested in you, and want to know you, you will get much more respect and admiration, cooperation and people will be much more submissive to you. any physic or energy sensitive person will immediately feel you the second you walk in a room.


When you have this ring, you will have 7 leaves of protection including a level of physical Protection and sensation and feeling that will drive you away from harm and danger, it will also make any evil or bad spirit run from miles away from you, even the strongest and most furious entities and spirits will shrivel in the present of the person wearing this ring. It’s funny and you can try it, but we don’t recommend it if you think or know someone dealing with spirits simple try to be around them while you have the ring and see if they can get or call any spirit to come even from a mile away.


This will greatly help you find more love (I mean real genuine love) or it you already do it will help you keep it, sustain it, an protect it. it will make your partner more loving and loyal to you and yes you will notice it!

(we can only offer a limited amount of rings, it will take about 90 to 120 days of work to finish the rings, we will wait for few orders before we start doing or making any ring this is the only way we and you can afford the rings because they could be all done in a similar way with the same materials and the same empowerment and that is why it’s so affordable otherwise the single ring will be about ten times the listed price)

So, in conclusion

1- you ring will be fully handmade by 6 masters

2- your ring will be made in over 10 different steps

3- each ring takes at least 30 day of work to make it, that’s 30 days of specialized work.  

4- your ring will travel between 3 continents and 5 counties before it’s in your hands

5- if you try to make this ring yourself in the same process we do it will cost you over 6k


This is the pinnacle of fully custom orders, so all sales are final no return, exchange, or change will be accepted after the order is submitted. Do if you are not sure or haven’t tried our items before don’t order this.

After you submit your order we will need your first name, your mother first name and your exact ring size (US ring sizes only exact us ring size and not cm or diameter). As this ring will be made fully and specifically for you.

Your ring will look exactly like the ring in the picture, and it’s done exactly the way we have described above.

Feel free to contact us if you have any questions about this ring.

Have a blessed day!


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Thank you and have a blessed day.

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