Scorpion naga stone - limited quantity
Scorpion naga stone - limited quantity
Scorpion naga stone - limited quantity
Scorpion naga stone - limited quantity
Scorpion naga stone - limited quantity
Scorpion naga stone - limited quantity
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Scorpion naga stone - limited quantity

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You may have heard but never seen one of those rare stones. The first time we published and sold the Stone to the public in English. A few years ago, we listed it on our eBay shop in Arabic and almost got sold out immediately. Then we listed a few on our Arabic website that also got sold out, so we have a problem sourcing those as it's extremely rare and hard to find and usually get sold out the second, we list it.


We worked very hard the last few months to get some of those and offer them to our clients and subscribers, and here it is, the legendary green scorpion Naga Stone.


There are many legends and stories about some specific stones that come out of poisonous animals or insects like the Cobra Stone, which many of our clients have tried, and if you ask them, they will tell you what they felt and the changes they had.


This is very similar to the Cobra Stone in sourcing, work, and energy, except that it is rarer. We didn't want to list the Stone by itself. Instead, we recorded a video for one of the sourcing processes. It’s fully complete with all the details. So other people cannot just steal it and try to do it or just simply fake it as many people are trying to fake and clone some of the work we do and sell it to people without knowledge or information merely to lie and steal people's money.


This Stone gets extracted from two scorpions: the yellow poisonous desert scorpion and the black poisonous scorpion. The scorpion has to have specific characteristics, which I'm not going to go through now, but it is not any scorpion.


It is hard to believe how this Stone has extracted the truth is. When we recorded this process, our camera stopped multiple times we used another camera. It kept stopping or skipping scenes, people who have seen and experienced powerful spiritual items know that very well. So, we had to go through three different kinds of cameras and do recordings from multiple angles to show you guys this video.


The process starts by residing a specific verse this process is known by spiritual experts and used mainly in Southeast Asia places like Indonesia, Malaysia, India, and the Arabic desert. Those are inherited skills and knowledge passed down for generations. However, you will not see them in books or read about them in texts.


After reading these verses, lighting a specific incense, and pouring cold water, the scorpion gets Frozen as if it's a stone. You don't have to kill it or do anything else to it. The strange thing is insects and ants will never get near the scorpion even if you leave it for years exposed.


Then after doing a specific protection verse on the person and the people around him doing this work, you surround the place with raw vinegar after reading a particular verse on it. Then you throw pure rose water with a particular recitation on it. This process takes lots of time, and without doing it, it is impossible to complete this work.


Once this is done, you start digging in a circle not more than two feet in diameter. Although usually, we can tell the direction of the Stone by the scorpion's tail, and this is typically the side of the sunset, a specific role of extracting this in a particular time trying to do it any other time will not work.


Once you have done the process, you start digging. You will see gleaming clear green tiny beads. It's circular. Sometimes it is in aspheric shape, just like a drop of liquid that got fossilized or became a stone.


It has a very distinguished shine and structure to it. In most cases, you will see it even in the darkest nights as it shines different than any other kind of Stone and has a particular glitter inside it.


You will not find the Stone anywhere else, and we guarantee it. Likewise, you will not find anyone who knows the secrets of getting this Stone, as generations have passed this knowledge down through a strict code of privacy and secrecy from father to son.


Feel free to search and look out there, ask the experts and the consultants, and double-check and triple-check show them the picture and the video, and those who know this work very well will tell you how true and powerful it is and how old this knowledge is.


We managed to get ten stones, only that's it, and it will be a long while before we can get any more. Those ten stones took us months to get.


The Stone, as you see, is tiny in size but kindly keep in mind the Stone will not look exactly the same as each Stone is a little different. Those are natural Stone that gets materialized or fossilized immediately from a liquid drop. It's usually in a tiny spheric shape. It can be fitted on a ring or glued under the ring from the bottom, which is recommended. It can be carried into a pendant, necklace or placed in the bag and held in a pocket. It will work as long as it's near the body. It doesn't have any rules or conditions. It can be carried by anyone anywhere, anytime, anyhow.


Complimentary with this order, we will be sending a custom-made leather carrying bag and a free ring if the person chooses to wear it (attached to the ring). Additionally, we will send one free empowerment oil complimentary with this order to be applied once every few months on the Stone. 

The leather bag is $50, the empowerment oil is $100, and the ring is $500 (all this added complimentary to your order free 650$).


The way this stonework is through energy vibration. It does not have entities, and it's not inhabited. It is simply a spiritual bioelectrical field of energy that we still can't understand and measure with the standard tools we have in science, but most people can immediately feel it.


The vibrations coming from the Stone will significantly strengthen and enhance the body energy, the mind, and the vital energy inside the meridians. It will also kick off and push out all negative and gray energy out of the body, making this Stone one of the most powerful and more suitable stones for healing and getting rid of toxic energies out of the body.


From our observation and experience, we noticed that after wearing or carrying the Stone for a few days, the person's energy and vibrational body would at least triple in size and vibration. No need to say this will bring great benefits to every person wearing or carrying this, but it will also save the person lots of adverse and bad effects coming from people workspaces or energies.



Having this specific benefit makes it mix so many benefits in both providing and preventing as it offers many benefits and a device. It prevents many negative things energy-wise as well.


This Stone is not for somebody who's trying new things. It's not for the nosy person or who wants to brag about it. So please, if you have not dealt with us, if you have not tried our items before, and if you don't have 100% confidence in our work, do not get this Stone. Let me repeat this if you have not tried our items and work and saw and touched its energies, benefits, and work, do not get this item.


There are many benefits to the Stone, but I will summarize a few of the most important ones.

1- carrying this Stone on your body will guarantee that no evil work, magic, evil eye, bad entity, or damaging attack or penetration go through your body in any way.


2- carrying it after three whole days will push out negative energies and bad work from the body, including the one you may have eaten, breathed or drank. After carrying this Stone for one day, you will start feeling bloated and heavy in the stomach if there is something on you. Then after a day or two, you will see your body changing. You may even get to use the restroom much more often than usual because this will push all bad energy out of you.


3- if you carry this is Stone in the court of law, in a fight, or a case against you. You are almost guaranteed to win It. If you had one single chance of winning this case, you would win it immediately. Easy way to try this if you have a court date, a ticket, or an interview, carry it and try it. If the result doesn't impress you, send it back, and we'll send you your money.


4- if you start a new business and new idea and you work or a new job. At the same time, you have this Stone with you, you will succeed in it in a matter of fewer than 40 days, and in less than 40 days, you will be able to accomplish results that to most people is considered unattainable or impossible.


5- the way people look at you and respect you will change overnight. You don't need to say anything. You don't need to do anything. You will start noticing it from your colleagues, work partners, anyone you see, even those who have known you for a long time. Funny enough, we had many people reporting their experience while carrying the Stone that even wild animals or large animals were submissive to them


6- it will make the people you like or look at attracted to you automatically by sight only. You don't need to do or say anything. You can notice this clearly in social gatherings. Once you start looking at someone or think that someone is attractive, they may approach you immediately or be very open to be approached.


7- after a few months of wearing or carrying the Stone, your body energy will increase so much to the level where you will be able to do things that's regular people can't. Somethings that you were never able to do in the first place, like staying awake for extremely long times, being able to go for a long time with no food, ability to tolerate high amounts of work or pain, ability to work out and do intense physical activities for much longer, ability to concentrate and use mental capacity intensely for very long time.


8- you will generally be much more accepted, by people around you, you will seem much more friendly, and people will give you more attention and respect. People will be attracted to you, and when you talk, people will be listening.


9- it will decrease the effects of your lower ego or evil self. It will make you think of things in a higher way and to the higher good. You will be able to use this to accomplish more extraordinary things and reach higher goals in your Life (our primary goal is to offer and provide those items to people).


10- it will increase your sixth sense or all your six senses, and it will assist in strengthening your sensation and even enhancing the ability to open your third eye. It will start happening between 40 to 60 days after carrying the Stone. You will start seeing that you notice things you have not noticed before, and you feel people's emotions much more accurately; additionally, your dreams will become very vivid. You may even see things in your dreams as visions that will actually happen or have happened before in the real world.


11- how's your overall look and energy? After wearing it for about 30 to 40 days, you will notice that many people will ask you if you have done something because you look younger and more energetic, as if your skin or your face is more vibrant. It's simply more energy going through your body which most people can see or feel.


12- you will be more attractive toward the opposite sex. It doesn't matter if you are a man or a woman. Your energy will increase, and since your energy is mainly male or female, you will become more attracted to the opposite energy when that energy rises. The opposing power will be more attractive to you as it works like a magnet. The more prominent the appeal is, the more attractive that happens, which will increase your energy, making your pull stronger.


13- you will start feeling danger or bad things before they happen. Extremely helpful for people in situations where they need to be attentive all the time or pay extra attention to their surroundings. You will start developing this specific kind of gut feeling that you will feel when something is wrong or about to happen in the wrong way. Once you trust the sense and develop it, you will feel things that other people don't, and you will see that very clearly in time.


14- this may not be a direct benefit, but a given one since all these things are mentioned above. The fact that your energy will increase regular tasks that you do in your Life will become easier it will seem that the things that you used to do. We're harder and just looking easier and faster to accomplish and do, which is a great thing that will help you achieve more in your Life.


Every single item we offer in our catalog is 100% guaranteed. We don't just make things or make statements or make claims. Everything we do is backed up. Any of those stones can quickly be tried and tested by any spiritual or energy-sensitive person.


If you have any questions, ambiguity, or anything unclear for you, please contact us first and ask all your questions before purchasing or making any order.


Thank you and have a blessed day.