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taweez special ink for cleansing and removing attached bad energies and dark magic - sufi magic - taweez - talisman - amulet - white magic
taweez special ink for cleansing and removing attached bad energies and dark magic - sufi magic - taweez - talisman - amulet - white magic
taweez special ink for cleansing and removing attached bad energies and dark magic - sufi magic - taweez - talisman - amulet - white magic
taweez special ink for cleansing and removing attached bad energies and dark magic - sufi magic - taweez - talisman - amulet - white magic
taweez special ink for cleansing and removing attached bad energies and dark magic - sufi magic - taweez - talisman - amulet - white magic
taweez special ink for cleansing and removing attached bad energies and dark magic - sufi magic - taweez - talisman - amulet - white magic
taweez special ink for cleansing and removing attached bad energies and dark magic - sufi magic - taweez - talisman - amulet - white magic

taweez special ink for cleansing and removing attached bad energies and dark magic

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sufi magic

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For the first time, we offer the (Mandy hijab taweez) for cleansing. This taweez is One great item that is very simple to use and very powerful yet very affordable.


This taweez is printed on a special paper with hidden ink (secret ink) this is not to hide the writings and make it looks cool when it shows up. Instead, there is an excellent reason for that its to mediately energize the water and make powerful light entities pass through it and empower it in very short time which made it much stronger and faster than the regular way it usually gets done with. So rather than writing the words and putting it in water erasing it then writing again and erasing again, this will do the same thing but much better and faster.


This taweez is made by printing specific words, sacred geometry, numbers and names on it, also by evaporating it for a whole week under special incense (every day for seven days). The final product as it looks in the picture is a piece of paper that looks empty and smells like an old incense in a church or a temple (pleasant smell). When this paper is put in water, the words and writings will show up then immediately the water is charged and empowered with powerful and potent energies. Then this water is used to wash the face, hand or body.

The energies of this water will fully cleanse and remove any kind of entities stuck in your energy field. Any negative energies on your aura, close the open paths and holes in your spiritual body and if someone has done something bad for you (curse, hex, jinx, evil eye, etc.), that will be gone too. This is like an all in one full total and a general cleansing tool that is extremely easy and fast to use. Honestly, everyone should do this at least once a year and trust us when we say it works miracles in restoring energy improving overall self, mode, power, motivation and the beautiful feeling or being rebirthed and being cleaned.


who should use this?

Anyone no matter of age, gender, and orientation but we firmly believe that the following people should use it


1- healers, energy workers, people who do particular kinds of yoga of samadhi?

2- public speakers, celebrities, people who meet and see lots of people or lots of people see them in a short period.

3- people who deal with sick people (doctors, nurses, medical staff)

4- people who deal with trauma, war, or violent acts (soldiers, bodyguards, operators)

5- people who deal with an intense and very stressful work environment like (brokers, stock people)

6- anyone who this he may have an evil effect on his (hex, curse, jinx, etc.) 



When buying an item please read the description well, to properly use the item and benefit from it you need to follow the instructions, the instructions are usually very simple and easy. Still, we get many people who simply use the items based on what they see suitable or however they like, and this will almost guarantee that the item will NOT work. When you go to the doctor and get a medicine, if the doctor gives you an eye drops and ask you to use it as drops for the eye you are expected to do so, drinking the drops, using it on your skin, or even your ears will guarantee that it will not work and will not do what it supposed to do. So please understand this! 

Some items are only carried, this includes all our downloadable items and custom taweez, the Love and attraction amulet it’s all carried items it’s simply carried on the body or by the person it could be carried anywhere, anyway, anytime. Simply have it on you.

Other items are placed in the house or place of work (do not carry those items on you) this includes the ultimate seal of destroying magician and moving taweez for general purposes.

Other items are used once and it can be used again with water, like taweez special ink for cleansing and removing attached bad energies and dark magic, and the taweez hijab for money, prosperity, and luck very powerful, so used those items with water as mentioned in the description do not carry those items.

All details about each item is mentioned under the item details in the description, still if you have any questions let us know. Thank you and have a blessed day.



How it’s used? It's very simple!


1- you will receive one piece of paper.

2- get some clean water (1 to 3 liters) there is no specific measurement so don’t worry you cant get it wrong.

3- put the paper in the water (fully dip it in the water so it's submerged in the water)

4- after few second you will notice the writing showing up on the paper.

5- take out the paper and put on the side to dry.

6- wash your body with this water (one time is enough)

7- you can repeat and do this whole process again and again as much as you want (until the papers is gone or damaged or you run out of water 😊)





1- do you put or add or mix any kind of materials with or on the paper?

-    No, we don’t. Its simple paper with regular print on it that’s been incented over the smoke of a particular incense.

2- Does this have any bad side or side effects of anything that I should know about?

-    No, it doesn’t its simple made to help and heal (like everything else we do).

3- is there a particular time or place to do this paper in water thing?

-    No, you can do it anytime and anywhere.

4- if I have a wife or someone I live with can they also do this or is it for one person only?

-    Yes, they can do it there is no limit or rule on how many people can use this.

5- after I use this water (most probably can I wash in regular water or finish washing with shampoo or soap)?

-    Yes, as soon as the water that was empowered by the paper touches your skin that’s it the process is done you can immediately wash in regular water or finish washing the way you usually do.

6- can I do this thing more than one time like every week or every month?

-    Yes, for sure you can there is no limit on how many time you can use this thing.

7- after I did this can I give the paper it to someone to use it?

-    Yes, you can.


For more items and rare stuff like this, please check our other listings.


International buyers from all countries of the world attention please sometimes there will be a little delay in receiving the items due to inspections, holidays and/or other circumstances that we can’t change or control. If you have any question, concern, and/or any problem with one of our items, please let us know we work around the clock 24/7 and will reply/solve the issue in less than 24 hours.


We work very hard, and we are very committed to what we do because we love what we do, and we are very good at it. Also, because we have tried it over and over again and we would like to preserve it, save it, and give others the chance to experience it and benefit from it. We like to introduce this knowledge and art to as many people and hope to be a reason to help or benefit others by what we do. Your satisfaction is a priority so please if for any reason, you are not happy or satisfied with any of our items or services please let us know, and we will fix it.


Please note many sellers who appeared recently trying to sell or present spiritual items, services, amulets, charms, talismans, etc. lots of those sellers or traders lack the knowledge and power to make these items, charge them, or activate them because simply many of them don’t understand how and why these items works and the nature of such work. many other people use black and dark magic, demonic spirits, bind other spirits usually very low standing spirits to do things this lead to very bad results and eventually even the spirt turn against the binder or the holder of the item.


We are a group of people and not one person, each one of us have over a decade of experience in the occult, shamanic, healing, esoteric practices. We come from different backgrounds and we all are very well known for what we do. Most of us received this knowledge through our families as it's get passed down from father to son, then all of us move on and start seeking more knowledge and a better understanding of this field. All of us have traveled over a dozen of counties met hundreds of spiritual masters and teachers and studied under some of the best in the world. We took an oath that we only do and practice the highest form of white magic and light work simply to help people and preserve the art.

If you have any question or concern feel free to contact us anytime, we work around the clock 24/7 and we answer all questions and requests in less than few hours.



Things to know about us:

1- We (every person in our team) have more than a decade of experience in this field and we have been doing this work for half a century.

2- We have been selling for over 10 years privately and directly to VIPs, occultists, and re-seller around the world. We have sold over 1000 items with (100% satisfaction), (please check our Instagram page).

3- We have been selling on eBay (in Arabic only) for over 5 years now we have sold over 500 items with (100% Satisfaction/ 5 stars rating), (our eBay store is: ).

4- Until this day we had over 3000 satisfied customers and client from all around the world.

5- We just start selling/posting is English based on the decision of our team leader to reach and help more people.

6- Everything we sell and make is 100% guaranteed, people say seeing is believing and we take it a step further and say, “trying is believing”. We offer 100% money back guarantee on our items (some items like custom made and special orders excluded).

7 – Everything we do, sell, and make is 100% white magic and light work we don’t do, offer, or sell any dark magic items or deal, work, use evil or demonic entities.

8- Some of our main clients are top celebrities, leaders, famous people, wealthy businessmen, and VIPs. (we can’t post names and pictures, so you must take our word for it).

9- We love to help people and do the right thing, we like to spread joy and happiness to everyone and maybe we can't-do it to the whole world, but we will defiantly try to do it with the people who encounter us 😊.

10- Take a deep breath, be silent for a moment do you feel it, it’s the now the presence it’s the most beautiful and powerful thing we have, as long as you are in the present you are happy and safe.



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