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Fully custom-made Taweez for general purposes - Extremely Powerful - sufi magic - taweez - talisman - amulet - white magic
Fully custom-made Taweez for general purposes - Extremely Powerful - sufi magic - taweez - talisman - amulet - white magic
Fully custom-made Taweez for general purposes - Extremely Powerful - sufi magic - taweez - talisman - amulet - white magic
Fully custom-made Taweez for general purposes - Extremely Powerful - sufi magic - taweez - talisman - amulet - white magic
Fully custom-made Taweez for general purposes - Extremely Powerful - sufi magic - taweez - talisman - amulet - white magic

Fully custom-made Taweez for general purposes - Extremely Powerful

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sufi magic

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For the first time, we offer a special service of high spiritual work. It was asked of us many times and after great requests and demand from many brothers and sisters. we decided to offer this service to the public to benefit everyone and makes it accessible to all who needs it. In our 20 years of selling, this is the first time we offer this service to the public.

The work of the hijab/taweez is special and detailed, where the hijab is performed or given to the person concerned after giving the person’s name, his or her mother's name and the person date of birth. This work is done specifically for the person requesting it, and there is no Hijab (Taweez) that’s is identical to another because of the work is specific and specifically made to each person based on his name, number, date of birth and need.
The work of the hijab takes a full week and is specially made for the person who request it, where no person other than the person that the Hijab (Tawezz) is made for will benefit or be able to use it that’s why this is the pinnacle of custom-made service and this is by no way something that we do or make for profit or money. If you calculate the materials we use with the time and effort spent to make this you will think that we are even crazy or really love what we do, maybe both! 


Anyway, how is this Taweez is made?

First, the ink will be made from pure flower water mixed with saffron and pure deer must or agar-wood oil. This special ink that is made by hand from 100% natural materials otherwise it won’t work this is called (medad Taher/ مدد طاهر) the master who writes this should go throw a reciting ritual and must be completely pure in body and clothes.
Made from pure essential oils and flower water is the reason why the ink will have a beautiful sweet smell for years. After making the ink it will be chanted, incented over smoke, and recitation will be done to it. Then it will be put under the stars (Tangeem/تنجيم) the ink will be put under the moonlight for a whole week every night and put back in dark place before the sunrise, no sunlight must touch this ink for that whole week. This by itself will make the ink intensely charged with energy and Prana.

The pen used for writing must be a pen made of natural materials, wood, bone, etc... and not plastic or manufactured. The pen should be a solid pen and not a refillable ink pen. The pen will be charged with a recitation and empowerment, the pen will have few writing heads, pure gold, pure silver, pure metal, and pure wood (bamboo) depending on the kind of writing those tips will be changed. 

The paper must be without lines or writings semitransparent and must be smooth in texture and light in material and must be in the exact size of the writing not more or less. The paper will be put under special incense for few hours before writing on it. 

No need to say there is no place for correction or mistakes if an error happens the whole process of writing must start from the beginning. After writing the hijab in full, the paper must be closed in a specific way (right side over the left) and not merely wrapped or folded, by folding the paper in a specific way (always counterclockwise for all good work) it will harmonize another important aspect of energy and sacred geometry. Then the whole Hijab will be dipped in natural wax with other materials to make it waterproof and impenetrable by any kind of evil spirit or demonic entity no matter how, strong, powerful or potent it is, nothing and we mean NOTHING will penetrate, stop, or take the energy away from the Hijab. Unless it's broken and opened by the user that’s the only way it will stop working but as long as it's sealed nothing will affect it. 

Because of this unbelievable hard work and intense commitment and the multitude of empowerment and energies, this work will be equivalent to nothing that you have seen or experience in your life (GUARANTEED). small and discreet in size but extremely potent and powerful item to carry. It will also have a very beautiful smell forever. 

The Hijab does not have any conditions, reservations, fasting, chanting or anything else it's fully charged, ready, and active you simply carry it with you in a wallet or in a necklace or just put it in your pocket, and it does not need evaporation, offerings, or incense. You will receive it ready and works by simply carrying it nothing more and it could be carried anywhere even in restroom or lavatory. This is what distinguishes this work from many other items.

Everything we said above in pointless if there are no solid results. Things that you can truly feel and sense. And we will make this very simple and straightforward 
1- If you are experienced with this line of work and knowledge or very sensitive to energies this will be one of the strongest, best and most powerful items you will ever see or experience in your life. And we will be your best friends 😊 more than 400 specialized healers, psychic, light-worker, and spiritual master around the globe telling us that after trying our items.
2- If you are a person with no experience or knowledge in any of this spiritual and energy stuff, you will feel it too yes (YOU WILL FEEL THIS ITEM IN A POSITIVE WAY). Probably you won’t be sure if it’s from the item or it’s a placebo effect or you just got lucky suddenly, you don’t need to take our word for it leave the item home for few days without wearing it or taking it out with you and see for yourself. And try this again and again as much as you want.
3- If you are a very materialistic person who believes in very tangible things, very insensitive to energies, and all that kind of stuff. Maybe don’t believe it and want to prove yourself right or simply try it out of curiosity. Go ahead you will feel it. Let me say that again (YES YOU WILL FEEL IT).

(WHAT’S THE BENEFITS?) /there are so many we will try to summarize:

Let’s talk physical:
1- Overall better energy, better mode, feeling happier and motivated.
2- More concentration, a better mindset for solving problems.
3- a better sense of people around you Feeling when people are lying or saying the truth.
4- Very improved gut feeling or sixth sense or sensitivity (you know what I mean) 
5- Thinking and finding answers faster and finding better solutions. 
6- Better memory recalling things faster and more accurate. 
7- Better stamina and more power to keep going after you are tired.

Let’s talk spiritual: 
1- Overall protection (IMPENETRABLE) against all kinds of evil, demonic spirits, negative energies curses, hexes, evil eye etc... nothing evil, harmful, or negative will pass to you from the other side. 
2- Increase and strengthen your aura and all your chakras.
3- Greatly enhance your luck and fortune.
4- Huge advances in your spiritual growth and overall spiritual development. 
5- If you are a psychic, healer, energy worker, occultist, shaman, yogi, etc... this will improve your work and decrease the time needed to accomplish goals in your field. 
6- Your overall present, charisma will greatly be enhanced (people around you will feel this)
7- You will be more attractive to the other sex or people you wish to attract, because of the increased energy around you and the stronger vibration of your root chakra.

For more items and rare stuff like this, please check our other listings.  

If you have any question or concern feel free to contact us anytime, we work around the clock 24/7 and we answer all questions and requests in less than few hours.


add your first name and mothers first name in the notes section in the checkout.

Things to know about us:
1- We (every person in our team) have more than a decade of experience in this field and we have been doing this work for half a century.
2- We have been selling for over 10 years privately and directly to VIPs, occultists, and re-seller around the world. We have sold over 1000 items with (100% satisfaction), (please check our Instagram page).
3- We have been selling on eBay (in Arabic only) for over 5 years now we have sold over 500 items with (100% Satisfaction/ 5 stars rating), (our eBay store is: ).
4- Until this day we had over 3000 satisfied customers and client from all around the world.
5- We just start selling/posting is English based on the decision of our team leader to reach and help more people.
6- Everything we sell and make is 100% guaranteed, people say seeing is believing and we take it a step further and say, “trying is believing”. We offer 100% money back guarantee on our items (some items like custom made and special orders excluded).
7 – Everything we do, sell, and make is 100% white magic and light work we don’t do, offer, or sell any dark magic items or deal, work, use evil or demonic entities.
8- Some of our main clients are top celebrities, leaders, famous people, wealthy businessmen, and VIPs. (we can’t post names and pictures, so you must take our word for it).
9- We love to help people and do the right thing, we like to spread joy and happiness to everyone and maybe we can't-do it to the whole world, but we will defiantly try to do it with the people who encounter us 😊.
10- Take a deep breath, be silent for a moment do you feel it, it’s the now the presence it’s the most beautiful and powerful thing we have, as long as you are in the present you are happy and safe.


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