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Snake naga stone cobra crown
snake naga stone cobra crown - sufi magic - taweez - talisman - amulet - white magic
snake naga stone cobra crown - sufi magic - taweez - talisman - amulet - white magic
snake naga stone cobra crown - sufi magic - taweez - talisman - amulet - white magic
snake naga stone cobra crown - sufi magic - taweez - talisman - amulet - white magic
snake naga stone cobra crown - sufi magic - taweez - talisman - amulet - white magic
  • Load image into Gallery viewer, Snake naga stone cobra crown
  • Load image into Gallery viewer, snake naga stone cobra crown - sufi magic - taweez - talisman - amulet - white magic
  • Load image into Gallery viewer, snake naga stone cobra crown - sufi magic - taweez - talisman - amulet - white magic
  • Load image into Gallery viewer, snake naga stone cobra crown - sufi magic - taweez - talisman - amulet - white magic
  • Load image into Gallery viewer, snake naga stone cobra crown - sufi magic - taweez - talisman - amulet - white magic
  • Load image into Gallery viewer, snake naga stone cobra crown - sufi magic - taweez - talisman - amulet - white magic

Snake naga stone cobra crown

sufi magic
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This item has been listed for the very first time in English. It is 100% real natural cobra Naga black stone one of the rarest magical and spiritual stone that a human can ever get. And something exclusive to us as you won’t find this being sold anywhere else.

We offered it on our Arabic eBay store, exactly 5 pieces of it and it was all sold the first week and that’s a couple of months ago since then we had multiple requests from many people to source it and list it again in English.


since then we tried and worked very hard to be able to make this available and possible limited to 5 pieces only that is all we can get and that is all we will offer so when those 5 stones are gone this item will not be offered again due to many reasons including the rarity of the materials needed to activate it and the extremely long and hard work and process involved. Even though it got much harder to get and it costs more we are still offering it for the same price that we first listed it in.


So, what is it?

This is a small black stone that is called the cobra naga, or cobra crown stone while there are many legends and stories about it the stone itself is something well known to those who are well versed in the field of metaphysical stones, very famous and valued in India usually sourced from specific people from the jungle who are specialized in extracting those stones this is not something that is available in the market or usually sold for the public as it takes months to get one of those and it is very expensive usually sold for a multiplication of the price that is offer here, the reason why we are able to get it and sell it that cheap is our long relationship and work with the people who source those stones additionally being in the same or similar field give us the ability to get it for way below what it usually gets sold for.

Who it’s made?

It’s made naturally in the center part of head of the cobra snake, there are specific ways to know which kind of snake carries it as it’s not in every snake actually between every thousand snakes or so there is only one that carries this stone, people who work in this field observe strange behavior in the snakes that carries the stone usually obedient and submissiveness of other snakes with other different behaviors.


How does it work?

When extracted and usually this is done without killing the snake as it’s in skin layer and can be easily extracted with a very small superficial cut on the surface, it gets cleaned and put in raw vinegar this makes the stone very solid so it doesn’t break or go brittle, then it is smoothed and polished so it could be used on a ring, necklace or carried just the way it is by itself only. The final product is a clean smooth stone just like what you see in the picture.



The stone works through vibrations as it doesn’t have any spirit or intelligent attached to it, and this makes it very suitable for those who want something very potent and powerful yet don’t need to do anything to take care of it or follow any rules or conditions. So, there is absolutely no rules or conditions for this stone as anyone anywhere can carry it anytime. The way it works through high vibrations and energy that is similar to the human energy and vibration when carried on the body this energy mix with the body vibrations generating much higher vibrations and powerful pulses making it one of the most sought after and valued stones in the world. Usually carried by politicians and leaders this stone has so many benefits and while it mainly depends on the user and the person carrying it usually translates to the following


1- extreme charisma and ability to attract attention (this will be noticed in an obvious way in the first few days of carrying it)

2- command the respect and admiration of people

3- if the person using this have staff or workers, they will be more submissive and obedient, and with regular people or strangers they will be more friendly and open to talk and approach this will also be noticed clearly

4- the vibrations on the stone will make it almost impossible for someone to make magic or evil work to the person as simply by wearing it for few days the person will have a minimum of extra 3 to 5 layers of energy or aura surrounding them making it one of the best stones for protection and preventions of bad work and mischief.

5- this will attract the opposite sex by simply being attracted to the higher vibration. The carrier will notice it clearly and in an obvious way when going out in a place the person will notice that people from the other sex move and position themselves nearby or tend to circle the person in short proximity if the place was full.

6- it makes the person looks younger or more attractive this is got to do with the vibrations and the effect it has on the body this is one of the most surprising things about this stone, simply carry it and see any person that you haven’t seen for a while and see if they noticed something or ask you what have you changed about yourself.

7- luck and success especially by increasing the person vibration and concentration the person unconsciously is able to attract better luck and success

8- facilitation of tasks and things, probably one of the best things about this is the facilitation of task and needing less time to get things done, this usually comes in time but in not more than a month or so the person will notice this, regular task and jobs become much easier to accomplish with more precision and concentration, after having the stone for a week or so check yourself in the time counter in the regular tasks or jobs that you do and you will be surprised.

9- ability to be free from negative people and negative conversations, this is one of our favorite benefits as it has a very powerful and good effect on people since most problems and bad behavior comes from being around, attached or affected by negative people of thoughts this is probably one of the most life-changing benefits and while you may not consciously feel it at first you will feel it after a while, you are not dragged or easily taken or joined by negative thoughts and people

10- there may be other benefits as this is every general item and some benefits will manifest or show itself based on the person and their type


Just like everything we offered for the last 30 years and everything will offer in the future, we money-back guarantee all our work and everything that is promised or mentioned, while our work is extremely hard, long and dedicated and goes through a long process of checks and examination we are so confident and sure of our work and knowledge that if for any reason or no reason the buyer is not 100% happy and satisfied with this item they have the right to return it for a full money-back guarantee in 14 days from the time of receiving the item.


International buyers from all countries of the world attention please sometimes there will be a little delay in receiving the items due to inspections, holidays and/or other circumstances that we can’t change or control. If you have any question, concern, and/or any problem with one of our items, please let us know we work around the clock 24/7 and will reply/solve the issue in less than 24 hours.


We work very hard, and we are very committed to what we do because we love what we do, and we are very good at it. Also, because we have tried it over and over again and we would like to preserve it, save it, and give others the chance to experience it and benefit from it. We like to introduce this knowledge and art to as many people and hope to be a reason to help or benefit others by what we do. Your satisfaction is a priority so please if for any reason, you are not happy or satisfied with any of our items or services please let us know, and we will fix it.


Please note many sellers who appeared recently trying to sell or present spiritual items, services, amulets, charms, talismans, etc. lots of those sellers or traders lack the knowledge and power to make these items, charge them, or activate them because simply many of them don’t understand how and why these items works and the nature of such work. many other people use black and dark magic, demonic spirits, bind other spirits usually very low standing spirits to do things this lead to very bad results and eventually even the spirit turn against the binder or the holder of the item.


We are a group of people and not one person, each one of us have over a decade of experience in the occult, shamanic, healing, esoteric practices. We come from different backgrounds and we all are very well known for what we do. Most of us received this knowledge through our families as it's get passed down from father to son, then all of us move on and start seeking more knowledge and a better understanding of this field. All of us have traveled over a dozen counties met hundreds of spiritual masters and teachers and studied under some of the best in the world. We took an oath that we only do and practice the highest form of white magic and light work simply to help people and preserve the art.

If you have any question or concern feel free to contact us anytime, we work around the clock 24/7 and we answer all questions and requests in less than a few hours.